Saturday,25 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1433, (7 - 13 March 2019)
Saturday,25 May, 2019
Issue 1433, (7 - 13 March 2019)

Ahram Weekly

1919: The quintessential people’s revolution

 The Wafd
The Wafd
Al-Ahram Weekly

Al-Ahram Weekly marks the centenary of the 1919 Revolution which shook the foundations of Egypt’s political system and harnessed a cultural renaissance with the quest for democracy and national independence.

The Wafd or “delegation” behind the revolution. Clockwise from top left: Georges Khayyat, Wissa Wassef, Mustafa Al-Nahhas, Hafez Afifi, Sinot Hanna, Mohamed Ali, Abdel-Latif Al-Makbati, Hamad Al-Basel, Saad Zaghloul, Mohamed Mahmoud and Ahmed Lotfi Al-Sayed

1919 Revolution: A timeline

Tarek Al-Bishri tells Amira Howeidy of the lasting significance of the 1919 Revolution

The height of liberalism

Gamal  Essam El-Din investigates the story of the 1919 Revolution constitution, which many Egyptians consider the most liberal

Revolutionary economy

Britain’s exploitation of Egypt’s economic resources was one of the main reasons behind the 1919 Revolution, writes Sherine Abdel-Razek

A blueprint for the nation

The 1919 Revolution helped shape Egypt’s modern economy, writes Niveen Wahish

Countryside resistance

What were the reasons behind peasant participation in the 1919 Revolution?

The Coptic contingent

For historian Mohamed Afifi the time has come to challenge common assumptions about Coptic choices during the 1919 Revolution, writes Dina Ezzat 

Father Sergius — preacher of revolution

Nader Habib examines the intriguing life of Father Sergius, a Coptic priest who preached in both mosques and churches

Women’s power, then and now

As Egypt marks the centenary of the 1919 Revolution this year, the story of women in the revolution has yet to be fully told, writes Dina Ezzat

Revolution of the mind

The 1919 Revolution was as much a cultural and intellectual as a political movement, inconceivable without the contribution of numerous figures who may not seem directly connected to it. Hani Mustafa celebrates a sampling of 1919’s cultural pillars

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