Saturday,25 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1434, (14 - 20 March 2019)
Saturday,25 May, 2019
Issue 1434, (14 - 20 March 2019)

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Nail-polish trends for spring

Nail-polish trends for spring

Every season changes the mood and brings new hues that can help you stay stylish. This spring, nail trends have come up with some unique shade options that will brighten your mood and help you develop your nail-design ideas. 

From metallic silver to a holographic hue that changes in different lights, the runways have served up lots of nail-polish inspirations that are perfect for new spring looks.


Metallic: These molten silvers and golds are so mainstreaming that they are essentially neutral. Pair them with any look, and they’ll match perfectly. Go for metallic nails that are reflective and gorgeous.


Glitter: Wearing a fun glitter shade is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your nails and your overall look without having to upgrade your wardrobe. 


Tangerine: This bright orange colour with a golden tint screams springtime, and it’s flattering for every skin tone.


Pastels: If you’re going for a more soothing springtime vibe, a few softer shades of sky blues, yellows, pinks or lovely lilac will do the trick.


White: White nails are great for emphasising your spring glow, and they always look super fresh and clean. A white nail polish can stand out without taking attention away from your outfit or clashing with it.


Nude: Add accents to your nude-coloured nails. It doesn’t have to be a separate colour, but you can try a spring-themed pattern for this cute and edgy spring nail trend. 


Jelly: The trend that took last summer by storm will still be in high demand this spring. 


Floral: One of the best things about spring is the beautiful flowers that brighten up our days. Try a floral nail design to take those flowers with you wherever you go.


Neon: Whether you choose to flash your neon nails as part of a full manicure, pieces of nail art or fun accent nails, a bold neon look is sure to stand out. Canary yellow and green can give you a bright and bold trend.

French tips

French tips: This spring nail trend puts a twist on the classic French tip with a little splash of colour. Try red or pink to make this a perfect spring for nails.

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