Thursday,25 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1438, (11 - 17 April 2019)
Thursday,25 April, 2019
Issue 1438, (11 - 17 April 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Theremin electronic music player Javier Díez and conductor Jesper Nordin

Athelas Sinfonietta

Cairo Contemporary Music Days 7th edition (13-16 April)

The seventh edition of the Cairo Contemporary Music Days is organised by the European Egyptian Contemporary Music Society (EECMS). 

This year’s festival will celebrate the Danish Contemporary Music Scene with music performances, film screenings, and talks, which are all free and open to the public.

This festival is held under the auspices of the Foreign Cultural Relation Sector- Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Danish Embassy, Nordic Culture Fund and Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC). This performance is also supported by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), the Japan Foundation, Solist Foreningen and Edition Borup Jørgensen.


Goethe Institute

5 El-Bustan Street, Downtown, Tel 02 2575 9877/ 219, Tel 012 8871 1134 

Sat 13, 5pm: Pogo film screening by Rikke Benborg.  

(5.30pm) Talks with Ragnhild May and Jacqueline George.  

(6pm) If I die before I sleep film screening by Rikke Benborg.  

(7pm) “A Calculus of the Nervous System”, a world premiere by sound/visual artist Ragnhild May who will be collaborating with Egyptian artist Jacqueline George on a special performance mixing sound recordings with music (a MANASSAT Platform project, supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture).


Manasterly Palace 

The International Music Centre,1 Al-Malek Al-Saleh St, Al-Roda Island, Manial, Tel 02 2363 1467

The Royal Hall

Sun 14, 5pm: MARIN film screening, an animated film created as a visual complement for the huge symphonic work Marin Op. 60 composed by Danish composer Axel Borup-Jørgensen.

(7.30pm) Introductory talk by Christian Winther Christensen and Jesper Lützhøft.  

(8pm) a concert by the renowned Athelas Sinfonietta Ensemble, named Denmark’s foremost ensemble for contemporary music bringing together an accomplished group of musicians, who will be performing compositions by Danish Composers in addition to two world premieres by composers Ahmed Madkour (Egypt) and Yukiko Watanabe (Japan) performed in collaboration with Qanoun player Saber Abdel-Sattar. They will perform works by Axel Borup Jørgensen, Hans Abrahamsen, Christian Winther Christensen, Ahmed Madkour “Taharqa” (World premiere / EECMS Commission with the kind support of the Arab fund for Arts and Culture), Yukiko Watanabe (World premiere), conducted by Jesper Nordin.   


Cairo Conservatoire

Gamaleddin Al-Afghany St, Al Omraneyah Al Gharbeyah, Giza, Tel 0106 112 2312

Abou Bakr Khairat Auditorium Hall

Mon 15, 6-8pm: Music Talks by Christian Winther Christensen and Cellist Alexandra Hallen.  


Goethe Institute

17 Hussein Wassif St, Mesaha Sq, Dokki, Tel 02 2575 9877

Tues 16, 8-10:30pm: The CCMD closing concert features the remarkable artist and cellist Alexandra Hallen who will perform her own solo Cello compositions as well as diverse works by Danish, Egyptian and Syrian artists including works by Simon Løffler (Graduale), Daisam Jalo - World Premiere (Tanz des Egos)

Jexper Holmen (G.T.S.C), Christian Winther Christensen (Cadenza), and Simon Steen Andersen (Study for string 1, 2 and 3). 






D-CAF's 8th edition (29 March-21April) 


Tamara Building

17 Gawad Hosny, Al Fawalah, Abdeen, Downtown Cairo

14 & 15, 8pm: Dialogue on Difference (Austria/Germany/Egypt), a 

performance; “They become subject and object of their joint research, they are performers, witnesses and archives of their cultural practice.” 

Dialogue on Difference is a performative dialogue about the construction of gender, ideologies and subjectivities within different realities and different geopolitical environments. The piece reflects on the ideological ghosts that permeate our present — a time of radically shifting political discourse — questioning how these are affecting individuals in their own living environment and in that of others. Based on preliminary research conducted in Egypt and Austria, Dialogue on Difference is embedded in a sound and spatial dramaturgy and consists of assemblages, movements and compositions in a multi-channel setting by composer Günther Auer (English with Arabic subtitles). 

Theatercombinat is a highly experienced production company for independent art and theatre work. Based in Vienna since 1999, the artistic formation led by director and artist Claudia Bosse has been assembling actors, performers and dancers as well as theorists, sound and media artists, architects, visual artists in order to engage in research into theatrical concepts. Always pushing theatre beyond its limits, the company searches for new, collective and adventurous ways to communicate with spectators, the space and the organization of the public. 


Falaki Theatre

American University in Cairo, Downtown Campus, 24 Falaki St, Downtown Cairo, Tel 012 88721446

Tahrir Cultural Centre

Thurs 18, 8pm: Danser Casa (France/Morocco), hip hop dance by Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki, performed by Ayoub Abekkane, Mossab Belhajali, Yassine El Moussaoui, Oussama El Yousfi, Aymen Fikri, Stella Keys, Hatim Laamarti and Ahmed Samoud with

Music by Régis Baillet-Diaphane, lighting by Madjid Hakimi Costumes by Emilie Carpentier and Alexandra Langlois

Danser Casa is an infectious evocation of Casablanca and the vital energy and intense emotion of Moroccan youth, built around dancers who want to burst out of their confines and transition from the street to the stage. Created in 2018, the piece showcases the talent of Moroccan dancers, featuring eight dancers from different backgrounds and cities. The dancers were selected from a large pool of auditioning hip-hoppers for their unique talent, personality, creative potential and adventurous spirit — the piece essentially being about the artistic challenge of an artist, about what can be done with these bodies, this energy, this history and this culture. Through a year-long open process the choreographers were able to draw inspiration from each dancer’s personality and from Casablanca’s creative urban vibe to concoct this new performance. After premiering in France in June 2018, the performance toured France, Germany and Morocco.




Arab Music Institute

22 Ramsis St, Tel 02 2574 3373

Thurs 11, 8pm: Wanas band, led by Tarek Abbas.   

Fri 12, 8pm: The Arab Music Heritage Ensemble.

Sat 13, 8pm: Bartolomey and Bittmann band (Austria). 

Sun 14, 8pm: The Abdel-Halim Noweira Arab Music Ensemble performs Umm Kolthoum songs.  

Mon 15, 8pm: The Talents Development Centre concert. 

Thurs 18, 8pm: A gala concert of movies music by the Cairo Opera Company.  



Beit Al-Seheimi
Al-Muaaz St, Al-Darb Al-Asfar Alley, Al-Gamalya District, Tel 02 2787 8865
Every Sunday, 7.30pm: The Nile Troupe for Folk Instruments, conducted by Abdel-Rahman Al-Shafaai, performs dances and songs from Upper Egypt on mizmar, tabla and other traditional musical instruments.
Every Friday, 8.30pm: “Al-Aragouz wa Khayal Al-Zel” (The Shadow Puppet), a free public performance by clowns in Al-Muaaz Street, presented by Wamda and directed by Nabil Bahgat.  

Thurs 28, 8pm: Sufi chanting by Gawad Al-Shari and his band. 


Cairo Opera House

Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Tel 02 2737 0602/2736  0361, box office 02 2739 0132/0144

Main Hall

Thurs 11, 8pm: Misr Voice Orchestra, conducted by Ahmed Atef

Fri 12, 8pm: The Abdel-Halim Noweira Arab Music Ensemble, conducted by maestro Salah Ghoubashi, honours the memory of late vernacular poet Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnoudi and composer Aamar Al-Sheraai. 

Sat 13, 8pm: The Cairo Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Ahmed El-Saedi and A Cappella Choir, led by Choir Master Maya Gvineria present the Easter concert performing works by Gioachino Rossini and featuring soprano Iman Mustafa, soprano Jolie Faizy, mezzo soprano Amr Medhat, and tenor Reda El Wakil.  

Tues 16, Wed 17, Thurs 18, 8pm: Giselle ballet is performed by the Cairo Opera Ballet Company, supervised by Erminia Kamel, and the Cairo Opera Orchestra, conducted by Nayer Nagui, music by 

Adolphe Adam, choreography by Jean Coralli, Jules  Perrot,  Abdel-Moniem  Kamel, lighting design by Yasser Shaalan, set design by Mohamed El-Gharabawy, and costume design by Nadieshda Tovostlak, and Marina Marzinco

Open-Air Theatre

Thurs 11, 8pm: Voice band. 

Fri 12, 8pm: Flute recital by Rania Omar

Tues 16, 8pm: Harp recital by Manal Mohieddin

Wed 17, 8pm: A concert features hymnist Marco Mamdouh.  

Thurs 18, 8pm: Jazz music by Glass Onion band.  

Small Hall

Thurs 11 and Fri 12, 8pm: Oriental jazz by Yehia Khalil and his band. 

Sun 14, 8pm: Fagot and piano recital by Tamer Fahmy

Tues 16, 8pm: Singing recital by soprano Amira Selim, accompanied by pianist Salah Abdallah

Thurs 18, 8pm: Duo piano recital by Sarah Darwish and Mahmoud Mekhaimar


Al-Ghouri Caravansary
Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St and Al-Azhar St, Tel 02 2514 7475
Al-Tanoura whirling dervishes perform to live Sufi music
(Performances every Sat, Mon, and Wed, 7.30pm).


Al-Gumhouriya Theatre

12 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707 

Thurs 11, 8pm: The National Arab Music Ensemble.

Fri 12, 8pm: The Egyptian Mawlawiya troupe, led by Sufi chanter Amer Al-Toni performs Sufi dances and songs. 

Sat 13 and Sun 14, 8pm: Celebrating Easter, Umm Al-Nour Choir features a concert, led by Saad Ibrahim.   


Saad Zaghloul St, Al-Mounira, Cairo, Tel 02 2792 0878
Every Monday, 7pm: (fixed event) Zikr and Sufi night.
Every Tuesday, 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm and reservations is canceled at 7.30pm): Mawawil and Gamalat Shiha present traditional music of the Nile Delta; Nubian Fadeka music and songs with Aragid, featuring Saleh Abbass and Farah Al-Masri; traditional Sudanese music and songs performed by Queen of Henna Settouna; Al-Jaafra music played by musicians from Aswan; Nass Makan (People from Makan) and Sanet perform traditional music from Eritrea.
Every Wednesday, 8pm: Zar music and songs by Mazaher, featuring Umm SamehUmm Hassan and Nour Al-Sab.

El Mastaba Centre for Egyptian Folk Music

30 A El-Balaqsa St, Abdeen, Downtown, Tel 011 50995354

Al Dammah Theatre for Free Arts

Every Saturday, 8pm: (fixed event) Asyad Al-Zar (The Zar Masters) band. The Zar Masters band is comprised of some of the few remaining Egyptian and Sudanese Zar performers playing  Tanbura, Toza 

(small 2 sides percussion) Mangour, (a wide belt of goat hooves worn around the hips), Marakesh (hand-held rattles) and the tambourine. 


Must Opera House

Al-Motamayez District, next to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, 6th of October City, Giza, Tel 01094444273/4/5 – 16828

Sat 13, 8pm: Pop singer Medhat Saleh.

El-Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448

River Hall

Thurs 11, 8pm: Singing recital by Hannan Mady

Fri 12, 4pm: “Ikadolly Festival”, the largest annual Nubian festival, comes for the seventh year in a row to celebrate the Spring. The festival presents a variety of Nubian musical and traditional shows that reflect the modern Nubian live music and Nubian Traditional dances, Nubian stand-up comedy, Nubian costumes photo sessions and an exhibition of Nubian handmade crafts. 

Sat 13, 7pm: Rock music by Janan band.  

Sun 14, 7.30pm: Singing recital by Ibrahim Farouk

Tues 16, 7.30pm: Tom Tom band, led by Sameh Shaaban

Javier Díez

Wisdom Hall

Sat 13, 8pm: Singer Ali-El-Haggar

Tues 16, 7pm: Arab songs and religious chanting by Al-Zahrawan band. 

Wed 17, 8pm: Spring concert featured by Retro band.   

Thurs 18, 6.30pm: Spanish Theremin electronic music player Javier Díez and Egyptian musician Adham Zidan will feature a concert titled “Theremonial, Dark and Exotic Theremin Music” celebrating the 100 anniversary of inventing the theremin as the first electronic music instrument in history.




Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theatre) 

22 Fouad St, Mahatat Al-Raml, Al-Horiyya Road, Alexandria, Tel 03/486 5106

Thurs 11, 8pm: Alexandria Opera Company for Arab Music and Singing. 

Fri 12, 8pm: Al-Nour Wa Al-Amal Orchestra, conducted by Mohamed Saad Basha

Sun 14, 8pm: Alexandria Talents Development Centre’s concert. 

Mon 15, 8pm: Boughdadi Big band features Magdy Boughdadi

Tues 16, 8pm: The Conservatoire Orchestra for Percussion and Pipe Instruments.

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