Wednesday,26 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1153, 20 - 26 June 2013
Wednesday,26 September, 2018
Issue 1153, 20 - 26 June 2013

Ahram Weekly


The 35th round of the General Exhibition is currently exhibiting a show entitled, "The Dialogue of Reality and Future", honoured six veteran artists: Mustafa Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed Rizk, late artist Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mahfouz Salib, Hassan Osman and late graphic artist Fathi Ahmed. In the world of Abdel-Wahab, the audience will notice an obsecure atmosphere surrounding the human being with secrets that are as yet uncovered yet. He showcased six miniatures that enriched his entire oeuvre where he used circles and small balls as the main motif in the paintings that added to the vividness of the form with a touch of fantazia. Expressionist and abstract artist Rizk has distinguished himself with his contemporary abstract style overwhelmed by a dramatic style and a dynamic touch. Selim was not only an artist but also a critic, analyst, researcher as well as a curator. He has three gigantic paintings on show where he created a brilliant dialogue between the organic and the geometric symbols. Salib gained fame for his unique expressionistic style in sculpturing. He participates in the exhibition with six statues varied in sizes and themes, however, all are inspired by the Egyptian heritage such as a statue of an Egyptian woman praying. Between ceramic and sculpture, the masterpieces of artist and critic Osman gained critical acclaim as he managed brilliantly to blend the Pharaonic history with the modern reality. He shows a collection of portraits and busts carved in a mythical style. The artworks of graphic artist Ahmed belong to the symbolic expressionist movement reflecting the values of life, death, martyrdom, personal sacrifice and patrioticism.        

Thesculpture in the picture is a creation by Osman. The exhibition is on until 25 June.










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