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Current issue | Issue 1157, (18 - 24 July 2013)
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1157, (18 - 24 July 2013)

Ahram Weekly

What lunacy is this?

Al-Ahram Weekly

With extreme bitterness and profound regret, we admit that all men are not created equal. This is not meant in regard to their basic civil rights, but rather the attributes and abilities endowed them by the heavens. Some receive the gift of beauty, talent or intelligence, others, reason, skill or wisdom. One gift all statesmen should possess is judiciousness. A good sense of judgement is the great divide between the good, the bad and the ugly.
Power in some cases enlightens, in most cases it blinds. It is lamentable that Barack Obama and Mohamed Morsi have both been afflicted with total blindness.
Morsi of the Brotherhood petrified the electorate by his ruthless, cold-blooded cruelty. One year under Morsi’s rule was more horrific than 30 years under Mubarak. During Mubarak’s regime there were 318 riots around the country, compared to 3,872 in one year under Morsi. What happened to Egyptians was a travesty. With dauntless courage and the most peaceful and civilised means, over 33 million people took to the streets to cry out “NO”. They drove out a demonic, fanatic, terrorist government led by Morsi. It took six years, 60 million lives and a second world war to rid the West of Hitler.
How Obama serves his country during his tenure is not our concern. How he employs over six members of the Brotherhood in the White House is not our concern. It is our concern when he fervently supports a regime that inflicted unspeakable harm on us. Our lives were turned into a pitiable, dingy chaos, a fungal state of anguish and despair. No thanks to Mr Obama!
How the leader of the mightiest nation on earth can maintain such a total lack of insight, acumen or simple common sense and allow himself to be entangled with such a criminal organisation is beyond comprehension. In fact, it is sheer lunacy. His brainless appointment of his ambassador to Egypt is irrefutable proof that all reason has vanished from the White House. Her senseless backing of Morsi and his thugs has left Egypt vegetating economically, its people destitute, struggling for survival. This is the great and ancient land of Egypt and we are not a flock of sheep. We are a 7,000-year-old people and it is not up to a foreign ambassador to impose her political views on a sovereign nation. This ambassador has so mishandled her duties she has turned every Egyptian against America and the American president. Not since 1956 when the US turned down president Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s request to help build the High Dam at Aswan, have we witnessed such anti-American sentiments amongst all classes of Egyptians. He was finally forced to turn to the Russians.
Still whining and snivelling, that same ambassador now calls for the release of Morsi… by what right? Is this not the same Morsi who called for jihad and described the Jews as “children of apes and pigs”? Yet no voices were heard for the release of his predecessor, a much older and ailing man, now in confinement since 2011. And by the way, are all those voices aware that Morsi stands accused of breaking out of jail, spying and other crimes?
Some of the Obama administration’s actions are mind-boggling!
How would Americans feel if a foreign ambassador called for the Boston Marathon brothers to be appointed as secretary of defense or national security adviser? Can we please be left to determine our own destiny?
As for Mr McCain flailing and thrashing over cutting military aid to Egypt — please do. Were you not informed of the constant chant of 33 million Egyptians on 30 June — “America, take your aid and…”? Mrs Patterson, Ashton, Merkel, Obama and Company… stay out of our business.
The truth about the military aid is that it goes towards the purchase of American hardware. It goes to US defence contractors that produce F16s, MI Abrams tanks, Blackhawk helicopters, spare parts etc. Without such purchases many industries in the US would close down. Other economic aid is negligible.
Reconciliation now would be sheer folly, stupidity or lunacy. Let justice prevail. Let democracy take its course.
The process of democracy must extend to the whole of mankind; to its present and its past, and can any future be imagined without it.
How can we refrain from reproaching America for its role in this calamity? We are a special people. We voice our innermost thoughts without guile. We are not the Brotherhood, two-faced and hypocritical. We are incapable of deceit or treachery.
In a recent article by David Brooks of The New York Times he concluded that Middle-Easterners do not possess the “basic ingredients for democracy”. No and a million times “NO”, Mr Brooks. All humans possess “the basic ingredients” for democracy, the burning desire to be free. Is that not the cornerstone of the American constitution?
We made a mistake and we corrected it, and that is our privilege. We rid ourselves of those atrophied minds who pursued bloody acts against humanity as they sat and grinned their broad, cold, triumphant grin of arrogance, defiance and vulgarity.
In describing the Obama administration’s manoeuvres, writer Bob Woodard of Watergate fame, called it, “the kind of madness I haven’t seen since Nixon”.
The era of tyranny, autocracy and mendacity is finally dead and buried. We hopefully pray the era of lunacy will soon receive the same fate.
O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott, (1771-1832)

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