Thursday,23 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1160, (15 - 21 August 2013)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1160, (15 - 21 August 2013)

Ahram Weekly

Limelight: Rest in peace

Life — what is it anyway? Is it madness, a mockery, an illusion or is it all a dream? Are we to wake up and finally find happiness, or find it all a more than a myth or mirage?
Where has all the laughter gone? Where has all the music gone? We no longer see blooming flowers or hear the chirruping of the birds at the break of dawn, or feel the soft, cool breezes of the evening star-shine. We are left with a sterile gloom, wondering if we are among the living or the dead!  
Such thoughts and contemplations cross the mind as this publication commemorates the anniversary of the passing of its patron, its founder, its very heart and soul, Hosny Guindy.
All seems dull and lusterless, as if the signs of life have also died with him. How was it possible for Al-Ahram Weekly to continue without the captain of its ship? Yet all goes on, day after day, week after week, for such are life’s dictates! But nothing is the same!
Hosny was one of a kind! He was a rare breed, infrequently encountered among mortals. Those who have met him on their life’s journey have invariably considered it a distinct and everlasting privilege. How unfortunate are those who never gazed into his kind eyes, or heard his soothing, gentle tones, or basked in the warmth of his unending smile. He always found something to smile about and his smile could melt the driven snow and draw the sun’s blazing rays into every heart. But God marked him for his own and we must accept the divine judgment.
To attempt to introduce the creator of Al-Ahram Weekly to those unfamiliar with him is a formidable task which leaves one feeling inadequate and paralysed. In this present environment we are filled with a cold, sorrowful contempt for the vulgarity that pervades the land from end to end, an atmosphere Hosny could never relate to. Like poisonous fumes, it eats away at our hearts until our very lives are eaten up with rust and disgust. Fragile as he was, could Hosny have survived that grey ocean of shame-faced brutality and barbarity? With his extreme refinement could he have challenged loudly or confronted the violence and despotism of any fellow human? YES indeed! A loud YES, for as tender as was his heart, his was a will of steel. Injustice would never be tolerated.
Gentle yet firm, he steered his ship with a solid grip, and did it all with extraordinary kindness and compassion. Many have been called great with far less merit, but in his extreme humility, he would have shunned such a description.
If anyone could make sense of this rampant madness, perhaps it would be Hosny. He had a way about him that would have comforted our crushing sadness, like a soothing balm over a gushing wound. On the other hand we are thankful that he was spared the slaughter of his fellow Egyptians, Muslim and Christian, at the hands of the monstrous Brotherhood, for nothing was more precious to him than love for his fellow man.
I have an insurmountable urge to address Hosny on a regular basis, and this is one such moment.
Dear Hosny — since you left us our boat has capsized and our lives have turned inside out and upside down. We are not the same, the country is not the same, life is not the same! We have no government, no economy, no tourism, no art, no mirth. It is as though the very air in your beloved homeland has been suspended. Every step we take forward is impeded by curious forces from within and without. Like a cancer that has metastasised, the evil cells are running wild! Friend turned to foe, loyalty to disloyalty, religion to atheism.
Out of a deep love for you it is a comfort that you are where you are. You are in a far better place, among the angels, for you were closer to their celestial nature than to us ordinary humans. Egypt has been invaded by a heathenish mob, bereft of any human virtues. We know not whence they came and what more horrors they are planning. At times we are truly fearful, but God is mightier than the mightiest.
In this world you had your heavy share of pain and suffering, fever and fatigue. Yet you fought valiantly your fiendish disease for love. Your whole life was defined by love... love for your beloved wife Moushira, your cherished daughter Yasmine, your granddaughter Hannah, whom you only knew in your heart and your revered child and creation, Al-Ahram Weekly. You carried the burden far and long, but when it became too wearisome, the heavens called and you joined the angels.
Rest in peace boss! You have been delivered from the savagery of demons and transported to the Promised Land. There you will know no hopelessness, no despair. You shall see no torture or bloodshed. You shall hear no cries of agony or anguish, in the grey mass of existence.
So, rest in peace my dear, my dearest friend! You have passed our way and left a bit of yourself with us that will help us face life’s great dramas and tragedies.
Everything is falling in ruins around us, but our faith, like yours, remains imperturbable!
For now, rest in peace Hosny, for you are the quintessence of peace!

“For death begins with life’s first breath, And life begins at touch of death”.
                      John Oxenham

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