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Current issue | Issue 1161, (22 - 28 August 2013)
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Issue 1161, (22 - 28 August 2013)

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To lie or not to lie?

That is the question! The answer rings loud and clear to all clandestine establishments. “Lie, lie, lie,” said Adolf Hitler to Joseph Goebbels. “Lie, lie, lie”, said Mohamed Morsi to his team — but whatever happened to professional journalism? Theirs is not to pass judgment. Theirs is to disclose the truth—the facts — the reality!

The pursuit of truth is a noble profession and should remain above bias, opinion, critique or interpretation. This is the basic principle of impartial reporting. Would there were an oath of honesty and impartiality taken by every news reporter, such as the Hippocratic oath for physicians, this would surely be a better world. This is the worst of all worlds, and the distorted media contributes significantly to its sorrowful state, as they continue to adhere to the artful mantra of “Lie, lie, lie”.

There are times when we almost wish technology had stopped its forward march. The human race would have been saved the impertinent invasion of television. It constantly penetrates our eyes, ears and hearts by its relentless transmission of gruesome and bloody imagery of wars and conflicts worldwide. It must be good for the ratings since the innocent viewers and voyeurs devour endless servings of blood and gore, as they are quietly led down the path of treachery and deception.

Viewing is a powerful tool! The picture is graven in our memories, sometimes for life.

This is not the media’s finest hour, if there ever was one!

Seeing how they have iniquitously covered events in Egypt of late, are we to be sceptical about all that was reported about previous wars in Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.? If after the burning, looting, demolishing, desecrating of churches, mosques, hospitals, schools, courtrooms, police headquarters by MB — Monstrous Brotherhood — terrorists, they are still described as innocent, peaceful demonstrators, we have definitely lost the very core of human virtue.

Members of today’s media, written, audio or visual, must wear rose-colored or tinted glasses that allow them to see only what is in their black hearts and twisted minds. It is indeed strange that those lovers of the sight of blood and torture have not reported on the scandalous massacre at Kerdasa, where 17 unarmed policemen inside their headquarters were shot, disrobed, slaughtered, hauled onto trucks and paraded on Main Street for all to view? Is it because it was the heinous act of the MB? The degree of cruelty is matched only by crimes of the Dark Ages.

What about the dispersion of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in? It is startling how these foreign correspondents can sleep at night when during the day they deliberately conceal the truth about the MB terrorists and the people of Egypt who have totally rejected them? Truth exists while lies are invented. Why invent lies when the truth cries out at Rabaa camp? There they can witness the strange and morbid secrets of this demonic group. They are plain and vivid on the walls, on the columns, on the roofs, on the doors, on the floors and in the deepest pits of the earth, where the light does not reach. They tell a grisly tale of torture and torment beneath the tombstone of the dried-up dead, left to fester and decay.

Only animals do not bury their dead. Are those men with beasts’ heads or beasts with men’s heads? What master do they serve? What Satan do they worship?

To conceal such a macabre scene from the eyes of their readers or viewers is as repulsive as the crime itself. When such crimes are attributed to others deliberately it is time to ask; who are they serving?

Developing a following due to honesty and credibility should be a badge of honour to all who pursue such a noble profession. But perhaps financial rewards are more desirable.

How ironic for the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting over the Egyptian crisis! Those brave Egyptians left alone on the world stage to fight terrorism, while the free world not only watches, but condemns! Was there such a meeting held over the dispersion of the demonstrations and sit-ins in China’s Tiananmen Square, Tehran’s city streets, Paris’ suburb crowds, Wall Street rioters, and most recently Turkey’s Taxim Square? All their protesters were unarmed, while arms by the bus-loads were allowed to enter Rabaa during a 45-day siege of the mosque and adjacent buildings. Streets were demolished to build fortress walls, sandbags were set-up and citizens were harassed and killed. What country among the above-mentioned would have tolerated that for more than a day?

Despite repeated calls to disperse, the rioters persisted. When following a court order to disperse the crowd, after a 47-day siege, security forces encircled the camp and invited all to leave peacefully for two whole hours. When shots were fired at four of their men, killing them, the police proceeded to break-up the devilish mob. Was any of this carefully transmitted by the foreign press? Heaven forbid! When the facts do not coincide with their pre-conceived image, they quickly reach for their tinted glasses that can miraculously distort the picture.

It is our job and ours alone to assume our country’s security and stability. We may have lost the Media War, but if ours is still to be referred to as the human race, truth shall prevail, arriving late and limping, but still able to overcome a mendacious media.


 “Never trust the teller. Trust the tale”

                     D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)

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