Friday,24 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1162, (29 August - 4 September 2013)
Friday,24 May, 2019
Issue 1162, (29 August - 4 September 2013)

Ahram Weekly

Entre Nous: Through thick and thin

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers.

The current curfew situation has given everyone a compulsory time out of their usual routines and many of us are still struggling to re-adjust to the extra, unexpected free hours on our hands. Being stuck at home for the past few days watching the incessant flow of violence, blood, destruction and chaos on TV screens from 7pm each night isn’t exactly conducive to healthy eating behaviours. If you find yourself mindlessly reaching for chocolates, cookies, crisps and other foods laden with sugar, salt and fat, it is only your way to deal with the psychological stress inflicted upon you. Having extra time for visits from family, friends and neighbours does promote better social relations, but involves loads of foods being shared and consumed.

As we continue to search for more constructive ways to pass the now fortunately reduced curfew hours (9pm), here are some easy weight loss tips from experts that you can slip into your lifestyle to manage stress and reduce your daily calorie intake:

- Enjoy the foods you love in moderation. No single food makes you gain weight; the portions are what matter.

- Pour your snack (chips, popcorn, etc.) onto a plate or bowl so you can tell how much you’re consuming.

- Crunch on healthy, low-fat and low-calorie snacks: cold, and juicy watermelon, strawberries or pears.

- If you’re craving sweets, keep a bowl of cherries and grapes around to satisfy your sweet tooth.

- Leave a plate of cut up cucumbers, carrot sticks, cut up green, red and yellow peppers and a bowl of yoghurt dip on the side-table as a healthy snack while watching television.

- Have a handful of raw walnuts, almonds or peanuts to curb your appetite and keep your brain in good shape. This isn’t exactly low calorie so be very careful and limit your servings.

- Work out: It could be the last thing you want to do right now, but a good workout will not only keep you busy and fit, it will also reduce your stress significantly.


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