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Current issue | Issue 1162, (29 August - 4 September 2013)
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Issue 1162, (29 August - 4 September 2013)

Ahram Weekly

‘Something wicked this way comes’

The Prince of Darkness rides his Time-Machine around the globe, gleefully creating havoc and spilling blood throughout the course of history.

At the beginning of the last century he came our way and laid his curse on a tiny village north of Egypt’s Delta.

It was only early in autumn, but it felt more like a bitter mid-winter. Everything seemed strange and sinister, chilling and piercing, motionless and powerless. The air was still, the trees were bare and the breathless villagers huddled inside their huts, hiding from some unforeseen calamity. The sun hid behind a mass of angry black clouds and a cold grey mist slithered into the humble village spewing poisonous fumes, foul and revolting. As evening fell, a screeching owl was heard in the village of Mahmoudeya in the province of Beheira.

Suddenly a feeble cry broke the stillness of the night. Hassan Ahmed Abel-Rahman Al-Banna was born on that fateful night, late in October of 1906. The wicked seed was sewn as the curse of the Dark One began to unravel.

What was it like the night Obama was born?

Hassan Al-Banna, as he came to be known, grew up in the area, before he joined the School of Sciences in Cairo, graduating in 1927. Small in stature, light of foot, he possessed the quality of leadership and relished his abilities as a charismatic speaker. He fed on the praise and flattery showered on him by his pupils as he dreamed his great dreams of a Muslim Empire.

He joined a Sufist group led by one of his teachers, Ahmed Al-Sukkari. When Al-Sukkari objected to some of his methods, Al-Banna removed him and assumed the leadership of the group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Such was the wicked seed that had now grown into a giant fungus and its deadly poison has pervaded the whole world, as it did once in that tiny village, 107 years ago.

The seed has spawned monstrous terrorists, children of the cursed one, cagey and cunning, well-trained in the evil arts of intimidation, persecution, victimisation and assassination.

Why is the US president so determined to impose them on Egypt when the Egyptian people have implicitly and irrevocably rejected them. Never have a people spoken more loudly and more clearly, yet Obama refuses to listen. Is there some disreputable secret behind this stance? Do we detect similar characteristics, the same recklessness, passion for power, charismatic oratory? Do we detect the same dark soul? Or does it involve the clandestine actions of half-brother Malik, an MB himself who directs radical Islamic investments in the Sudan? Questions that know no end, with only one sordid answer.

It is ironic that Obama recruited countries like Turkey and Qatar to do his dirty deed. Qatar we shall not waste any time over, but Turkey, once a great Ottoman Empire must still nurture dreams of their ancient glory. It is unaware that it has lost its integrity and its character. Is it Eastern or Western, Islamic or secular? Or is it totally and completely under the thumb of the Monstrous Brotherhood? It is laughable when Turkey laments the loss of life in Egypt when it is prominently placed on the list of genocidal countries following its shameful massacre of a million Armenians, early last century. Has it totally lost its memory or its senses? Better it should lament its allies who are not even of this world, but of some underworld were only evil dwells.

It is now alleged that Obama was aware and kept abreast of the prison breakout at Wadi Al-Natroun of members of the MB, who were let loose to rob and burn and terrorise citizens during the fog of the 25 January 2011 Revolution. It is mind-boggling that this president’s collaboration with such despicable bigots goes that far back. What evil conspiracy has been concocted in some dark labyrinthine cell to deliberately harm the people of Egypt by imposing on them some sacrilegious infidels? How can that be beneficial to Americans, Britons, French, Germans etc, etc, etc? How can they support such evil forces who seek to annihilate human freedom and establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate in the 21st century?

Is it not more commendable for the people of America to deplore those who have burned 78 churches, leaving gushing black holes in the ground as black as the holes in their hearts? They proceeded to burn and loot a museum, 58 homes, 16 pharmacies, six schools, six hospitals, and an orphanage, all belonging to Christian Egyptians.

“By the prickling of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes”  (Macbeth, Shakespeare)

The black cloud is still hanging over the skies of this peaceful land. The fungus is still spewing its poisonous fumes, and the earth is still red with the blood of the innocents. Elements of horror are still resisting the forces of freedom and justice. The brazen intrusion of Western powers is still extending its ugly head. With eyes of stone they gaze, as if at animals in a zoo. 

Egyptians as a people are the conquering heroes to whom the future belongs. Travellers will come to our land and point at us and tell their children: “Those are the people who saved the world from terrorism and religious despotism”.

What will history recount about the artless, mysterious, misguided 44th president of the USA?


“The evil that men do, lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones.”

From Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

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