Sunday,22 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1165, (19 - 25 September 2013)
Sunday,22 July, 2018
Issue 1165, (19 - 25 September 2013)

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30 June saved Egypt

Sir— Why can’t we understand that what happened on 30 June was a second revolution backed by the military — a repeat of what happened in January 2011 with Mubarak — and not a coup? Why did people choose to call January 2011 and not the June 2013 a revolution? Are you only listening to the Muslim Brotherhood who are masters at lying and playing victims? Soon after he was democratically elected, Mohamed Morsi issued amnesty to former terrorists and extremists accused of countless assassinations and massacres, including Anwar Al-Sadat’s assassination and the Luxor massacre where more than 60 tourists were killed. Most of those terrorists fled to Sinai, regrouped, hooked up with Hamas Jihadists and Al-Qaeda and are now wreaking havoc on our military and national security. Four months after he was democratically elected, Morsi turned into a dictator putting himself above the law and declaring all his decisions immune from judgement. He divided the country into Muslim Brotherhood members and loyalists — less than one per cent of the population — whom he favoured with ministerial portfolios, governorships and others. All the while he attacked and made enemies of all the others — members of the judiciary, media, artists, writers, Al-Azhar. In the dark year of Morsi’s rule and most likely with Morsi’s blessing — granted amnesty to all terrorists and assassins in Egyptian prisons — the number of terrorists increased manifold and they formed a mini-army of sorts with sophisticated heavy weapons smuggled into Sinai from Libya. This democratically elected president all but destroyed Egypt — its identity, economy, national unity, history, sovereignty. His year as a ruler was one of the darkest years in Egypt. Suffice it to say that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were the worst thing that ever happened to Egypt and 30 June — call it what you like — saved Egypt from unimaginable destruction.

Laila Kholoussi




Religion on the surface

Sir— The Muslim Brotherhood are a bunch of fascists hidden under a religious cover. They lie more than they breathe. Their history is full of disasters, and they are willing to do anything no matter how unethical it is to achieve their goals. All Egyptians know about them but unfortunately many Egyptians, due to poverty and lack of education, don’t read and so don’t know much about them. They were deceived by some charity projects they launched and the religious cover they gave themselves. Since Mohamed Morsi won the elections last year and the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, he hired leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, regardless of competence, to take over and control everything. And in no time everything in Egypt collapsed — the economy, security, culture, etc. In less than one year Morsi lost 90 per cent of his supporters. They say Egypt is divided, true, but it’s divided 90/10, not 50/50. The Muslim Brotherhood succeeded by their stupidity and inefficiency in uniting all Egyptians against them, Muslims and Christians, men and women, the old and the young, Hosni Mubarak lovers and those who hate Mubarak.

Sandy Mehany




Willing to die

Sir— Why do Americans so easily applaud military men for dying for their country, yet condemn people who are willing to die for their religion? Take a look at casualty rates over the past 15 years. More people have died at the hands of the American military than any other group, while an entire war was started and a country invaded on false pretences of WMDs. Drone strikes in many countries are an act of war, and are only dismissed because these small countries cannot hope to survive a war with America, so they are forced to sit and watch. Yet you condemn an entire religion of a billion people because of a few extremists and feudal leaders that the US has in fact mostly supported.

Wisam Ibrahim




Power of self

Sir— Egypt is fighting terrorism and will prevail. No going back to Mohamed Morsi’s religious fascism whatever the price would be. Egypt will no longer look back or wait for anyone’s instructions. Only Egyptians are the ones with authority to dictate what should or shouldn’t happen. End of story.

Rana Mansour



Respected uniforms

Sir— The military did not kill thousands of civilians. The Egyptian military is just defending Egyptian land and reacts in a very professional way. It is respected by all Egyptians except a few thousand terrorists. Stereotyping with the Latin American military is wrong.

Sarah Tawfiq




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