Sunday,23 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1167, (3 - 9 October 2013)
Sunday,23 September, 2018
Issue 1167, (3 - 9 October 2013)

Ahram Weekly

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Al-Ahram Weekly

One dark year

Sir— Those 30 years were not the best but they were much, much better than the dark year we had with Morsi and with his terrorism group controlling the whole country. The Muslim Brotherhood are the ones that have dug their own grave and are practically being buried as we write. The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood was never a legitimate group but was forced on us by their deposed puppet Morsi who illegally changed the constitution to suite their fanatic views. Any other non-MB, secular or civil government, are infidels in their view. The MB and religious fanatics are miserably sore losers, now crying democracy and legitimacy, words that are totally absent in their dictionary. They must now realise that crying and lying will not help them and that they must accept that Egypt is now a lot better off and will prosper as a member of the civilised world after getting rid of this international MB franchise of terror they subscribe to.

Madyha Younness




EU attack

Sir— We hope President Obama was sincere in his expressed hope that an independent and sovereign Palestine would soon be established in the territories now under occupation by Israel. In the eight meetings that have taken place in the new peace negotiations, the United States did not attend even one meeting because Israel did not permit the US representative Martin Indyk to attend the meetings. Israel is proceeding with the demolition of more Palestinian houses in the occupied territories, and the Israeli military attacked and arrested EU diplomats who were trying to aid the Palestinians whose houses were demolished. The tents, blankets and medical supplies brought by the EU diplomats to aid the evicted Palestinians were confiscated by the IDF, and their truck was confiscated too in broad daylight. If the EU diplomats who had diplomatic immunity were treated like that in defiance of international laws and the well known regulations in place, what chance do ordinary Palestinians have in the face of such overwhelming military force?

Lynda Bourne




The bigger picture

Sir— The killing in Syria goes on and more than 100,000 people have died, but the pat on the back goes to dismantling a weapon in controversy that has killed less than 2,000. The headlines would look better if they read that the killing has actually stopped.

Dara Abdel-Minaam




Afghan backfire

Sir— The reason Americans want to bomb Syria is because they know they can’t give Syrian rebels any weapons. They know it backfired when they armed the Afghans to fight their fight against Russia and they know the American public knows about this.

Sandra Ezzat




Who will allow talks?

Sir— Call me a dreamer but I really hope cooperation between all countries becomes more and more possible. That way we can spend less in war and more on our own people. Once we can all come to the conclusion that we are all one race, the human race, we will start heading in the correct direction. The real question we should ask is whether Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Israel are willing to let us talk with Iran? The Israelis, I am sure, would prefer a much less belligerent relationship with the Iranian people. The reality is that there isn’t a huge gulf between Muslim and Jewish beliefs... they are actually very compatible. The biggest problem is the situation in Palestine, and that could be very easily resolved over a negotiation table, with reparations made to aggrieved parties on both sides, and could finally end in an Israeli and Palestinian state that are mutually supportive neighbours rather than constantly combative. Of course Israel and Palestine should work towards a two-state solution. The problem is Israel keeps approving and building settlements in contested areas. Does Israel and her investors plan to gift those properties to Palestine?

Evan Singleton



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