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Current issue | Issue 1168, (10 - 16 October 2013)
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Issue 1168, (10 - 16 October 2013)

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Live long and lovely

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers.

Ageing gracefully is not always easy, but attitude and a little know-how matter a lot. Despite concerted efforts to erase years and stop ageing in its tracks, there are things you do every day that make you look older without even realising it, like the colours you wear and how you do your makeup. It could be hard to spot what you’re doing wrong, especially if it’s become routine. You can reverse time instead of speeding it up by considering a few classical mistakes. Below are some key things experts can teach us about ageing well.

- Dyeing your hair blonde:Lighter hair doesn’t go with all skin pigments and can age you. Most skin becomes sallow or yellow as we get older, so it’s not always recommended to go blonde. Instead of matching your hair to your skin tone, counteract it. If you have olive skin, choose a deep, reddish-brown hair colour; if you have paler skin, brighten your look with a light brown dye.

- Lifting too much at the gym:Don’t stop exercising. But overworking large muscles, such as the triceps, quads and biceps, can cause sagging in the long run. As connective tissues loosen with age, an overworked ageing muscle produces an undesirable skin tone. Focus on accessory muscles around the larger thigh and belly muscles, which can give you a more balanced look.

- Skimping on deep conditioning:Stiff, dry hair can be more ageing than grays peeking through. Our hair needs moisture as we get older, so stray a bit from your typical shampoo and conditioner routine and use richer hair products, including hair masks and deep conditioners, at least once a week. That’ll help your hair become softer and shinier.

- Over-exfoliating: While getting rid of dead skin cells is a must, over-exfoliating is detrimental. When new skin cells are exposed to the elements before they’re ready, skin becomes fragile and looks aged. It’s especially important to avoid harsher forms of exfoliation, highly concentrated chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Just opt for a gentle facial scrub two to three times per week.

- Wearing old bras:Many women continue to wear the same size and brand they’ve always worn, without considering that our bodies change as we age. Visit a lingerie store to get professionally fitted. A correctly fitted bra can instantly improve your posture and the draping of your clothes.

- Choosing coffee over water: No matter which facial moisturisers you use, staying hydrated from the inside is the key to glowing skin; it also helps flush toxins out of your body. Double your water intake. Sip about nine glasses of water per day and don’t overdo it on coffee, which has a diuretic effect.

- Applying heavy eyeliner: Using harsh eyeliner can instantly make eyes appear smaller, which can add years and highlight wrinkles around your peepers. Try a soft pencil that can easily be blended after being applied. Blending in eyeliner gives your makeup a more natural look that’s less ageing.


- Wearing dull colours: Clothes with grey undertones can wash you out and make you seem older. This is especially true about the colours you wear closest to your face, like those in scarves. Common hues to avoid: pale lavender, taupe, dusty rose and pale grey.


- Wearing baggy clothes: Even if you’ve gained weight around your middle and are eager to cover up the bulge, choosing very loose clothing to hide the pounds will backfire and make you look heavier and older than you are. So forget the most forgiving styles. Rather, work with a tailor to create contours in loose-fitting clothing.


- Overusing powder and concealer: Caking on makeup to hide wrinkles and other imperfections can actually accentuate fine lines. Instead, start off with a lightweight moisturising foundation and add extra concealer only when absolutely necessary, like to cover under-eye circles and discolored spots. Less is more here.



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