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Current issue | Issue 1170, (31 October - 6 November 2013)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1170, (31 October - 6 November 2013)

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No size for beauty

It is not uncommon for overweight women to be overwhelmed by feeling unattractive to others and to worry about their prospects of appealing to members of the opposite sex. Yet, it is precisely this feeling that naturally undermines a person’s confidence — one of the qualities that experts agree is essential to attraction. Weight should never get in the way of having a good relationship or finding true love. You don’t have to be a runway model to attract men; you just need to accept yourself for the beautiful person you are, relax and let your personality shine through. Believe in yourself and you’ll find others who will want to believe in you too.

Follow these strategies to maintain a healthy self-image and keep your confidence high:

Build your self-confidence:Learn to dance salsa, or register for the drawing class you always wanted to take. When you exude self-confidence, you are more attractive to other people.

Find your best physical attribute:Focus on the things you like about your body, instead of what you don’t, and you will feel more attractive.

Dress in attractive and well fitting clothes:Stay away from styles designed for smaller women. Make sure the clothes you wear take focus away from your extra weight.

Use cosmetics: Men are drawn to faces enhanced with make-up. Choose a simple make-up routine that includes foundation and blush.

Live your life:Participate in events that keep you active. Being overweight does not mean you can’t hike, dance, play volleyball or travel with your friends. Living a life that is full and happy will draw men to you.

Be pleasant to be around:Smile often and laugh with others. See the good in others, and avoid negative behaviours. A pleasant person is more likely to attract a man, no matter what her weight is.

Be well-informed about world news:Men like intelligent women regardless of their size.

Being overweight is a struggle for many women, especially when it comes to fashion and clothing. Apart from eating healthy and exercising, follow these professional tips to make the most of your curves and look awesome every day:

Practice your walking: The way you walk tells a lot about your confidence and self esteem. Keep your head up high and walk happy and confident.

Start with the basics: Choose the right undergarments that support your body. Get a well-fitted bra to boost your figure and wear cotton underwear which has a high waist to make your hips appear in shape.

Keep your top clothes fit: Shirts should be neither baggy nor over-tight. Avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look wider. Also avoid clothes that make your shoulders look bulky.

Avoid tight pants: They will make you look fat. Boot-cuts are one of those styles that look good on every figure. Do not go for pleated pants. Instead buy those that are long enough to hide your shoes; they give you a slimmer appearance.

Avoid pencil skirts:A-line skirts are the perfect choice for overweight women.

Think long and lean for dresses: Even if you don’t choose full length, try ones that cover your knees. If a dress ends just before the knees, your calves will appear wider. Avoid belts that cut you in half or any detailing that interferes with a long, lean look. Princess-cut dresses, v-necks and ball gowns are flattering styles to look for.

Avoid bulky knit garments: It will visually add pounds to you and make it hard for you to get your winter jacket on. Go for sleeker, finer knits. Look for cardigans that button or tie just under the bust, then fall away from the body.

Invest in a long wool coat for winter: This looks much prettier than wearing a big ski jacket over a dress. Your jackets should be sleek with minimal bulk.

Don’t go for delicate accessories: Big bangles make the wrist look slender and bold earrings bring out the neck. Accessorise with a large handbag as it will compliment the figure. If your ankles are bulky, don’t go for delicate heels. Instead try the wedges, which will look very stylish.



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