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Current issue | Issue 1173, (21 - 27 November 2013)
Tuesday,21 May, 2019
Issue 1173, (21 - 27 November 2013)

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Watch your words


Effective communication with others has risen to the level of fine art these days and its importance should never be underestimated. This is all the more so when the person you’re intending to speak to is a woman, in which case choosing your words wisely goes a very long way.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with the women in your circle, you should abide by a few precautionary rules while talking to them. Keep in mind the following experts’ no-no’s and you’ll strike a good rapport with every woman you know.

You are so beautiful, but why are you still single?

Being beautiful does not mean that a woman has to get engaged the moment she turns 18. She needs to be mature enough to be able to pick the right partner.


Any good news yet?

This is for all the newly married women who are not pregnant yet. Women hate this question and it’s a complete no-no in a conversation.


Let me introduce you to so and so.

For single women, this is a nightmare. It highlights that you want to shove a prospective groom down their throat.


Maybe you are not trying hard enough.

Of course she is! At least, she thinks she is, so what good does it do to spell it out if she’s not?


Use this time to work on yourself.

Women love to believe that they know what is best for them and, more importantly, they want to believe that they are striving towards it even if they are not.


When are you getting married?

Single women hate questions about marriage, especially once they have passed a certain age. Repeated questions about it can make them completely irritated.


You are so lucky.

Every woman likes to think that she has the most difficult life. If you keep repeating that she is lucky, this simply hints that you do not appreciate what a hard worker she is.


Why are you dressed like this?

She will be outraged if you give yourself the right to judge her dress sense. She definitely is in no need of a statement of affirmation from anybody.


You are gaining weight.

A woman knows when that is happening. She checks the mirror every day, so she knows when her cheeks are getting too puffy or when her waistline is disappearing. You don’t have to rub it in.


Is it that time of the month?

Okay, so the fact that scientists have proven that women get edgy when they are on their periods does not mean that you should attribute each of her actions to “that time of the month”. Every time you do that, you only make her seem irrational.


Cheesy pick-up lines.

They don’t make any woman feel special in any way.


Hey (gorgeous, baby, mama, boo, etc...)

Most women do not respond well to strangers who start off by calling them baby, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, babe, dear, or any other condescending and objectifying term.


My ex used to love it when I…

You should get over your ex before going into another relationship. Comparing a woman to your ex is one thing that will definitely spoil her day.


Wear more makeup.

More than implying that the search for Mr Right is as easy as brushing a spot of colour onto the cheeks, this comment offends further by attacking a woman’s core identity.


You’re too picky.

This sends single women the message that their time to be choosy is up.


Relax; calm down; you’re so sensitive.

Women hate to hear such words, especially when they are in a bad mood.



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