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Current issue | Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)

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Future forecast

What does 2014 have in store for Egypt and the world? Nevine El-Aref reviews psyche predictions for the New Year

Al-Ahram Weekly

As we embark on a new year, prophetic voices around the world are releasing insights, mandates, directives and warnings for 2014. Some are pleasant, full of optimism, while others promise only doom.
The outlook for Egypt, as predicted, is gloomy for the first six months. Turmoil will continue to overwhelm the whole country, as bombs explode in neighbourhoods in Cairo and provincial cities. Several official, religious and military edifices will be set on fire and political figures assassinated.
“There will be an attempted assassination of two members of the National Salvation Front [an alliance of Egyptian political parties formed to defeat toppled Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration announced in November 2012] within the first two months of 2014,” spiritual psyche expert Fatemah Al-Husseini told Al-Ahram Weekly. Al-Husseini said the first six months of 2014 will be the worst ever for Egypt, especially the first four months and the first 15 days in February. Three big bomb explosions of a suicide bomber will happen in the heart of Cairo and three provincial cities. A toppled Egyptian president will be assassinated as well as renowned political figures from various parties including those now in prison.
Al-Husseini refused to divulge names. “I am not allowed to tell and God has his own will and he could change it.”
Al-Husseini predicted that toppled president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons will be set free as well as some of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders now in prison but a court ruling would be issued against former minister of interior Habib Al-Adli.
Another court ruling is to be issued against Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, founder of the Strong Egypt Party (Masr Al-Qaweya). “Abul-Fotouh’s political role and future have reached an end according to his destiny. Leftist leader and former presidential candidate in 2012, Hamdeen Sabahi, will break a deadlock in his political career while struggling to win the presidency.
“Inflation and economic recession will reach its highest rate during the first six months with the retreat of tourism and the country’s resources,” Al-Husseini forecast, but she added that starting in June the economy will start to pick up.
A cabinet reshuffle will take place, she said, but Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim and Minister of Defence Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will remain in their positions.
Starting March, Al-Husseini asserted, conflict over the presidency would reach its peak. “The one who will win the presidency is a man with a military background but it will not be Ahmed Shafik or Al-Sisi.”
In June chaos will be over and the Egyptian people will start a new phase in rebuilding their country.
“Al-Sisi is to be Egypt’s president who will take the country to the top but not in the near future,” Al-Husseini said, adding, “Al-Sisi will be the president when the Egyptian people give him a mandate to rule the country.”
Meanwhile, Egyptian numerology specialist Joy Ayad, known as the Queen of Prophesies, has another view.
Ayad predicted the ousting of Morsi a couple of months after he won the presidency and said that his rule will not last for a year. Egyptians at that time did not trust her prediction because Morsi’s position was perceived secure.
Ayad has many prophecies for 2014, which, according to her will change the map of the world. “Important events that lay the cornerstone of the new era already took place in 2013 and would be embodied in 2014,” she said. “A new wonderful time is to come,” Ayad asserted, adding that 2014 is the year of “glad tidings” because when you add up its numbers it will give the number seven which is a sacred number. The total of adding the numbers 2013 is six, which was a closed number that stood against the universe’s positive energy.
Morsi, she said, was one of those people who absorbed the positive energy from the universe and blew out negative ones. For example, Ayad went on, when he visited the Mecca Grand Mosque, the lights suddenly went out for the first time ever in the history of Mecca. The same thing happened in the Constitutional Court in Cairo when he was taking the oath of office after he was elected Egypt’s president.
Ayad predicts that in 2014 Egypt’s military led by Al-Sisi will succeed in liberating the country of terrorists after several military campaigns along Egypt’s western and eastern borders.
“Al-Sisi is assigned from God for a very important mission that he will implement efficiently and successfully,” Ayad asserted, confirming “Al-Sisi will not be Egypt’s president this year because God assigned him to expel the Khawarij [the oldest religious sect of Islam] at this time”.
So who will be Egypt’s president?
According to Ayad’s predictions and the Jafre book that she says bears some commands from the Prophet Mohamed to his cousin and the fourth Rightly Guided Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Egypt’s president will have three “M”s in his name.
Ayad predicted in an interview with Osama Kamal on a TV talk show that his name would be Mohamed or Ahmed and he has the characters found in the name of three Arab presidents who came after a revolution and who have an “M” in their names. She explains that those presidents are Egyptian President Adli Mansour (fair-victorious), Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki (fair-prosperous), Yemen President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi (faithful to God-victorious). Hence, she said, Egypt’s president will be a fair, faithful ruler who will bring victory and fortune to the country.
Ayad asserted in the TV show that Morsi is out of this classification although he has an “M” in his name, because according to the Jafre he is Akhnas Masr, an unjust ruler who will destroy and burn Egypt as well as loot its treasure. He will also spread corruption and will cooperate with Egypt’s enemy from the Jews. “All these are Morsi’s,” Ayad said.
She said a treasure awaits to be explored in Egypt, which will completely change the country’s economy. This treasure, Ayad explains, could be an oil well, a quarry or foreign investments.
“This year will witness the fall of fake masks that several Egyptian political leaders are now wearing and the rise of new and very promising political figures,” Ayad said, adding that Egypt will regain its role as the leader among Arab states.
Egypt’s neighbours are in for difficult times. There will be another revolution in Tunisia and its present regime will be ousted. Bombs will explode there but the Tunisian people will win and reconstruct their country. A change of power is in Libya and the original Libyan revolutionaries will take over.
Iran will be subjected to a military strike from Israel, Ayad said, adding that the curse will take its toll on Turkey. Its economy will fall due to corruption in the government. A revolution will break out and the army will take over for an early presidential election.
Ayad predicts that Emir Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Qatar will not continue his tenure and officials who were close to his grandfather will take over the monarchy.
Sectarian strife will overwhelm Lebanon, Ayad said, and a civil war will break out for 100 days. A top official in Lebanon will resign in response to suggestions to divide the country into small individual states while another well known political figure will be assassinated on Friday or in a university. Thank God, she pointed out, Hizbullah led by Hassan Nasrallah will stop this war and reunite the whole country.
Also, there will be weather cataclysms in our region. For example, there will be snowfall in Egypt. There will be a flood in Saudi Arabia, most likely in Jeddah. Some rebels will try to invade Saudi Arabia from the Yemeni borders but the kingdom will bury any terrorist attack.
She warns Saudi Arabia to open its eyes to those who will try hard to spread unrest during the coming Hajj season.
The United Arab of Emirates will implement a number of death sentences for terrorists.
In her interview with the Voice of Russia, Ayad said that for the first time Russia will gain great influence in the world, more influence than America or China and it will form with Egypt a stable union.
“In 2014 the map of the world will change, which will affect Russia as well,” Ayad told the Voice of Russia, warning that Russia will also have to face a big terrorist attack. “It will succeed thanks to its law enforcement structures and due to some technologies, about which I don’t know, but which are in reality the most perfect in the world,” she said.
Ayad predicts that flash floods, a storm and a volcano will hit the United States of America and the majority of the states will vanish. She also said that one state, which she refused to mention by name, will ask for its liberation from the United States.
These predictions are similar to those made by French apothecary and reputed seer Michel De Nostredamus in 16th century AD. He published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide.
Nostredamus predicted that Obama would be victorious in the 2013 elections but he would be America’s last president.
He also mentioned unusual planetary alignments and other astronomical-type changes that will trigger massive events on earth.
Many explosions will occur around the Middle East, and he said that planes would be falling from the sky. Nostredamus also said that petrol and oil in the Gulf states would be set on fire.
Whatever prophecies are made they are only predictions and attempts to forecast based on astrology, numerology and spiritual superpowers.
In the end it is God’s will which is the only force that will rule the universe.

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