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Current issue | Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)
Monday,20 August, 2018
Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)

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New year, new hope

It’s a brand new year — time to make resolutions that will start 2014 off in the right direction. As we all know, resolutions are as easy to break as they are to make, but experts say keeping it simple helps people hold on to those promises of self-improvement.
From losing weight and eating healthier to exercising more and being more charitable, resolutions span a wide range of wishes, but they all usually have one thing in common — they’re not easy to keep.
Let’s face it, the more radical those resolutions are, the more likely you are to drop them, then feel bad for defaulting. Instead of being too ambitious, try adopting a few smart new habits this year. The changes you’ll make to your routine can have life-altering benefits.
Meanwhile, for those singletons looking for love this year, Samantha Daniels, a well-known professional matchmaker and relationship expert, president of Samantha’s Table Matchmaking and author of Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern Day Matchmaker, delivers these resolutions that might actually help you find and fall in love in 2014:

Remove negative influences from your life. Whether or not you want to admit it, there is negativity all around you; negative friends, relatives or colleagues.

Get a date makeover, so you look and feel your best. It’s always good to change your look a little to shake things up in your dating life. Go ahead and get a new haircut, add highlights to your hair, go buy a new sexy date outfit that will wow the opposite sex or buy a new colour lip-gloss.

Date people you wouldn’t usually date. All single people get into dating ruts from time to time. If you know that your dating life has hit a familiar pattern that always ends up poorly, try to date differently and see if this changes your relationship luck this year.

Reach out to old friends with whom you have been meaning to catch up. With sites like Facebook and LinkedIn being all the rage, you have no excuse for not reconnecting with old friends. Just friend them somewhere, make a plan to get together and then see if they know someone great for you. Friends love introducing their friends to each other.

Participate in an activity that is outside your comfort zone. Doing new things is a great way to expand your social circles and meet new people. Join a tennis club, take a cooking class, just do something and keep your eyes open for other single people while you are doing it.

Stop the booty calls with people who are not real contenders. It’s time to be smart if you are looking for a real relationship.

Do some self-analysis about why you are not in love. You are the only constant in every one of your dating situations and in every relationship you have been in. You need to take a very long, hard look at how you are being perceived in the dating world and then make some important changes to improve that perception. Are you too negative? Do you play too hard to get? Are you not feminine enough? Are you too picky? Do you never have a plan for the date? Are you commitment-phobic? Figure out what you can improve or change and do it, immediately.

Get fit and healthy. This needs to be a top priority this year. Being fit and healthy is essential for both men and women. Take a step to becoming more fit and you will see a huge difference in your dating life.

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