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Current issue | Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1178, (2 - 8 January 2014)

Ahram Weekly


"Terrorist operations will not stop me from casting my vote on the draft constitution… I read it a few times and found some articles that did not meet my ambitions, while others met my expectations and still others exceeded my anticipations.”

Amina Shafik


“The government believed it was enough to declare the Brotherhood a terrorist organisation for the group to go underground. However, the group accepted the challenge and went to the streets to show the government. It is clear that the MB knows that the government is weak.”

Abbas Al-Tarabili


“The real value of the 30 June Revolution is that it thwarted the projects of major powers. Thus we need to realise the value of what we did. It is not a matter of a group that has no allegiance. Egypt foiled international plans and managed to settle the conflict in a way that avoided what happened to Syria.”

Tahani Al-Gebali 


Democracy is the solution

“I know that it is our duty to support the state in its war against terrorism that kills the police and army. But the war against terrorism has nothing to do with imprisoning youth like Ahmed Doma and Alaa Abdel-Fattah who took part in the revolution. If the fulul [remnants of the old regime] want to stifle the revolution they have to imprison millions of Egyptians who launched the revolution. But the revolution will continue nevertheless.”

Alaa Al-Aswani

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Ninety-five per cent of Gaza border tunnels were destroyed in 2013

“The police and army managed to thwart many terrorist operations and destroy 95 per cent of the tunnels connecting Egypt’s borders with Gaza. They also killed 184 terrorists, injured 203 and arrested 834 in North Sinai.”


Terror in black

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s violence aims to make the people afraid to leave their homes. Thus, I expect an escalation in violence as the date of the referendum and other elections approach, to stop people from participating. This is the main goal of the MB’s black terrorism.”

Karem Mahmoud


An Egyptian affair

“What is taking place in South Sudan is a typical Egyptian affair. Whoever believes the civil war in that country is a domestic affair is grossly mistaken.”

Sunday’s editorial

Al-Youm Al-Sabei

What do we want from 2014?

“The new year will be the year of the constitution that establishes the modern democratic and civil state that meets the expectations of the 25 January and 30 June revolutions and the third millennium. It will be the year during which we will continue the roadmap by holding presidential and parliamentary elections in the transition to democracy.”

Nabil Zaki



The Slice@TheSliceTweets7m

A wish for 2014: may tweeters use 140 characters for positive thoughts, not negative. Spread love of sport, not hate of players. #optimistic

Maher Hamoud@MaherHamoud125 Dec

Wonder how many new prisons should be built by #Egypt’s gov, enough to host a “terrorist organisation” of about a couple of million. #MB

Mike@naive_mike25 Dec

Is that what it takes to stop the violence... and terrorism?

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