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Current issue | Issue 1180, (16-22 January 2014)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1180, (16-22 January 2014)

Ahram Weekly


People will have their say on 14 January

“The people will have their say on terrorism, religious fascism and political despotism. They will put in the ballot box the secret word that will disclose all those who tried to fragment them into sects and groups. It would reveal those who tried to destroy the state for many decades.”

Montasser Gaber,


Three political plays in one season

“The state will present three political plays in one season. People will extensively take part in the first one because they know that participating is the only way to avoid an open conflict given that 30 June not only sacked the Muslim Brotherhood but also exposed all the civil parties and proved that they cannot control anything.”

Belal Fadl,


The new constitution

“Do we want to uproot terrorism and sedition? Do we want Egypt to reach a stage of stability and development? Do we want to live in security? Do we want to initiate a development process that the coming generations will benefit from? Do we want Egypt to regain its pioneering role on the economic and political level? The new constitution is the real start to achieving these goals.”

Mohamed Al-Hawari,


The transistor state

“I wish our great psychiatrist Ahmed Okasha could explain the secret of Qatar’s jealousy of Egypt. Jealousy is a feeling between two peers. I have never heard of a dog being jealous of a lion or a mini state that wants to hire Egypt’s monuments for billions of dollars… Qatar — the transistor state — wants to appear as if it has an ancient civilisation.”

Ahmed Ragab,

Akhbar Al-Youm

People are the grantors of legitimacy

“What I wanted to plant in the minds of the people is that they are the real heroes of the revolution. They should understand that they are the ones who bring the ruler and sack him either via the ballot box or by revolting. They are the grantors of legitimacy.”

Ammar Ali Hassan,


The days of Al-Sisi

“We believe that the age of generals who come from their barracks to rescue their people has gone and that we live in the age of youth revolutions. However, the Muslim Brotherhood’s risky rule returned us to that age in an amended form. Al-Sisi would have never been able to sack Morsi if millions of Egyptians had not flocked to the streets on 30 June.”

Ghassan Sharabal,


The conflict will last

“After we had thought that a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue was buried forever, the outlines of a political solution by establishing two states came to the fore in the past two days. The solution is based on exchanging land and people. However, we should not pin high hopes on such a solution because the issue is complicated and the conflict will last.”

Abdel-Rahman Al-Rashed,

Asharq Al-Awsat

20 million Egyptians

“Al-Sisi’s speech on Saturday will contribute to increasing the turnout of voters in the referendum to 20 million.”



The Big Pharaoh @TheBigPharaoh11 Jan

Just heard the new song by local pop singer Shaaban Abdel-Rehem urging people to vote yes in the constitution referendum.

Donald Thibaut @dgtbow2h

Great news, if true. General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi may run 4 president of Egypt. Popular & anti Muslim Brotherhood. WH & DOS won’t b happy

Amr Anti Deep State @Cairo67Unedited11 Jan

Even if 9,999,999 vote u in #Sissi you shall never be my president. Ever. #Egypt


For the second time in 48 hours, children are being exploited in the presence of the governor of Alexandria and George Ishak, although Mrs Lamis Al-Hadidi claimed that it is only the MB that is using children.
Ishak’s response:
“The photo was taken during a celebration in Ittihad Club to explain the principles of the constitution. These children are not from orphanages but are members of the club and the club is responsible for their participation. However, I apologise that I took part in this controversial celebration. These children are champions in gymnastics and they should not have been used to promote a political issue.”

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The MB are in a very bad situation. If the group boycotts the referendum, the rate of the yes vote will increase and consequently the legitimacy of the new constitution. If it takes part and votes no, it will be a recognition of the referendum and the legitimacy of Adli Mansour.

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