Friday,24 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1180, (16-22 January 2014)
Friday,24 May, 2019
Issue 1180, (16-22 January 2014)

Ahram Weekly


The SAFARKHAN gallerypresents a thrilling exhibition of paintings entitled "Inji's World", an exhibition of masterpieces by the late artist Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989). The exhibition is dominated by her later works depicting orange collectors, peasants in palm tree fields and sailing boats among other topics that she had created while living in her country house in Kafr Shokr, the Egyptian Delta,after having been released from prison in 1963.They are known for their energetic presence through the use of bright colours.

While Efflatoun hailed from an upper class background, she was very much absorbed by the simple lives of the lower classes. The exhibition also showcases pieces from other periods in Efflatoun's life, such as 'Denshwai', the infamous anti-colonial incident when British officers murdered an Egyptian peasant; a black and white water colour image with a clear political theme. The painting displays a man executed by hanging in the centre of the image. He is surrounded by a row of soldiers in the foreground, while military men are seen torturing people in the background. It is an incredibly strong contrast to the other peaceful paintings.In 'Inji's World', water colour, pastel and ink works are on display.

"Inji's World" also features a series of portraits in addition to two self portraits showing Efflatoun's face. By far the most striking portrait is 'The Kind Soldier', which shows a policeman in uniform with striking eyes. Whilst drawn with nothing more than black ink, the painting oozes emotion, simply because of Efflatoun's attention to the soldier's face, posture and expression. Tracing her entire oeuvre, it is obvious that Efflatoun was infatuated by painting everything that is patriotic and socialist and defending the working woman whether in the field or in the factory. The exhibition is running through 14 February.

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