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Current issue | Issue 1181, (23 - 29 January 2014)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1181, (23 - 29 January 2014)

Ahram Weekly

Dancing in the streets

In a virtual state of rapture, Egyptians took to the streets, jumping for joy. The crowds gathered on 14 and 15 January trampling over sad regrets and past despair. Only smiles and laughter were evident, cheering and singing, prancing and dancing, with hearts filled with the long lost love of merriment, and thirst for amusement. Through the many centuries Egyptian have learned to survive through the miracle of laughter, and once again laughter is their constant companion, their loyal protector.

One novelty on the scene was the unmistakable presence of women. While individually timid, women are as bold as brass when banded together. Tens of thousands of them were vocal and expressive in their jubilance, leading the pack in a moment of unbridled bliss.

Despite the midday sun it was a gay Fiesta at every voting centre, and women were its luminous stars. Every indifferent onlooker was invited to join in the hilarity and hoopla of the moment. Households moved outdoors as mothers were accompanied by their children, gleefully squealing and chasing each other in the spacious voting centres.

Some sights were engraved in both heart and mind, never to be forgotten. Older people were hanging on for dear life to their canes or their loved ones. There was the ailing man with a respiratory disorder who came out of hospital and stood in line with his grandson behind him carrying his oxygen tank. No special accommodations were made for him and none was requested. They stood in line with discipline, respect and reverence. He was there to perform his duty for his beloved country. And then there was the old woman, who, without the use of her legs, crawled to the voting booth to register her vote for the new constitution.

The angels in the heavens looked down and smiled at the young and the old, the handicapped and the healthy, the Christians and the Muslims, and above all the women, as they wondered what super-human deeds these mortals are capable of, for love of country.

Therefore, more is our bewilderment at the Foreign Press embedded in the area, at least for weeks. Could they see nothing, hear nothing? Are they blind, deaf or dumb or do they serve another master? We lament the trumped up reports of a hollow, fallacious, mendacious media who arbitrarily follow a selective process already agreed upon, turning a blind eye to the naked truth, or perhaps they conforming to a pernicious agenda.

How often have they reported that Egyptians have burned and looted Christian churches, knowing full well that the only culprits were the MB, (Monstrous Brotherhood). Instead of the free world assisting us in getting rid of terrorism they are determined to shield, defend and protect them. But one day the truth will out, like the blazing fire of a lit torch it cannot be hidden forever.

Christians and Muslims stood side by side, voting a resounding “yes” for the New constitution and none knew who was who, or which was which, for we all look and sound the same, as we have for centuries, and dearest to our heart is Egypt our native land.

 Now the world clearly views the harmony that has always existed between us.

Why are certain countries led by the US, Britain, France and Germany so biased against Egypt as is explicit in their media reports? The Foreign Press to Egypt is equivalent to Little Red Riding Hood’s, Big Bad Wolf as depicted in Grimm’s immortal fairy-tale: “Why is your mouth so big Grandma?” asked Little Red Riding Hood: “The better to gobble you up with my dear” exclaimed the Wolf, disguised as her Grandmother. As the wolf pounced on the frightened child, the brave Huntsman appeared and chopped off the head of the Big Bad Wolf. The struggle between good and evil s everlasting. There will always be a Big Bad Wolf, and there will always be a brave huntsman.

Soon we shall vote for a new president, a brave strong army man, whose face shines with pride and his eyes light with hope, as he sees the future of his Egypt as the Mother of all nations, the jewel of earth’s crown. He will reveal the sinister secret between the MB and the Foreign Press. He will destroy their hidden agenda and break their wicked spell. He will end the destruction and bloodshed forever and make the earth green and fertile again. He will destroy the forces bent on pulling Egypt back to its dark and infernal era.

 He is the brave and valiant huntsman who will chase away the Big Bad Wolf.

Whatever happened to the august, the revered Majesty of the Press? Whatever happened to this profession of truth and professionalism? Is nothing or no one to be trusted anymore? Is everyone performing under the umbrella of a great, invisible agenda?

Would the media cave its reporters, camera, crew and expenses and just concoct a report of their liking in place of the true events, since they can no longer see the truth or face reality?

 Meanwhile Egyptians glory in their euphoric state of victory. With a new president coming followed by a new parliament, Egypt is a country to be reckoned with.

This is the new reality… so get used to it.


“To lead the people. Walk behind them”

Lao-Tsu (Chinese philosopher, sixth century)


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