Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1182, (30 January - 5 February 2014)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1182, (30 January - 5 February 2014)

Ahram Weekly


We were fools

“Ever since 25 January 2011, we have been wondering who was killing the people and the army? Is that issue still a mystery now that we can see who is burning police stations and killing young protesters? Is the picture of the conspiracy clear now that the supreme guide has fallen together with the puppet president, now that we’ve seen how they were directed by the US?”

Ahmed Ragab,

Akhbar Al-Youm

Post-referendum remarks

“Not everyone who voted yes for the constitution read the constitution. They voted because they are convinced that their vote will contribute to combating terrorism and improving their life conditions. On the other hand, not everyone who rejected the constitution belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood or rejects 30 June. They might have said no to various things that happened after 30 June including the deprecation of the 25 January Revolution and the revolutionaries who initiated it.”

Mohamed Ali Kheir,


The system never died

“We will only know the revolution against the Mubarak regime succeeded and its second wave really did sack the Muslim Brotherhood regime when the intellectual, political and moral pyramid of both falls from the top down.”

Mohamed Al-Shabah,


Washington loses again

“Obama invited the African states to a conference in August that will discuss US-African relations and ignored Egypt. It is not as if Egypt needs that invitation. Moreover, Obama commits the same mistake of his predecessors. The US was the loser when president Nasser built the High Dam against its will, when Sadat surprised the world by the October War, and when it assisted the apartheid regime in South Africa...”

Farouk Guweida,


16,000 new jobs on offer

“16,000 new jobs are on offer by 70 local and international companies in the Third Forum for Recruitment and Training, to start on 2 February. The jobs are in various industrial sectors for young people with higher and technical qualifications.”
Akhbar Al-Youm


Jamal Elshayyal@mosaaberizing

Blood trails on Shehab Street. Police clashing with anti coup protesters on revolution anniversary.

Patrick Kingsley@PatrickKingsleyJan 25

Today is the third anniversary of #Egypt’s 2011 uprising. But where did all the revolutionaries go?

Amr Fahmy@AmrAdelFahmy

As an Egyptian citizen I advise Al-Sisi not to pay 1 ounce of attention to the so-called nokhba or twitter, just to ordinary Egyptians hearts

Erin Cunningham@erinmcunninghamJan 25

Zawahiri: “We have to be busy confronting the American coup of Al-Sisi and establish an Islamic government instead.”


Turning over a new leaf

“Yes Mubarak misused the police during his days and this was one of the reasons why the revolution started. And part of the revolution was a conspiracy to destroy the police and army to break Egypt and prepare it for the destructive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorists. But still there are good people in the army who proved their love for Egypt and the Egyptians like General Sisi, who rescued Egypt from those terrorists. Egyptian people, police and army are turning over a new leaf and the world must know this!!”

The truth about Egypt from true Egyptians

The new Sikes Picot

“The religious fascism that spread in the Egyptian society and led to the ruling of the MB supported by the US, Israel and some European states was a tool to implement the 21st century Sikes Picot project in the Arab region. It started in Iraq and moved to Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and finally Egypt. Opposing that project, in the absence of active revolutionary groups, will only be via the army and police which the US and its allies tried to destroy. We saw by our own eyes how police stations and jails were attacked in January 2011.”

Sami Aziz

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