Monday,23 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1182, (30 January - 5 February 2014)
Monday,23 July, 2018
Issue 1182, (30 January - 5 February 2014)

Ahram Weekly

Creamy pickled chicken parcels

12 pieces
1 cup cooked chicken meat (boiled, grilled or roasted), finely shredded
1 cup creamy spread cheese (your choice)
1/4 cup grated Gouda or Edam cheese
1/2 cup gherkin (or) pickled cucumber (finely chopped)
1/4 cup parsley leaves (finely chopped)
Fine (very thin) pita Shamy loaves (top and bottom separated)
2 eggs (beaten with a dash of milk)
Very fine breadcrumbs (for coating)
Oil for deep frying
Salt + pepper + thyme + grated nutmeg

In a large glass bowl, mix shredded chicken, seasoning, cheeses, pickles and parsley.  Combine well and leave aside, covered. Using a pair of kitchen scissors, design 12 sheets x 17 cm squares from tops and bottoms of the bread loaves.  Pile them wrapped inside a kitchen towel, then place one square at a time on a dry work surface.  Have one of its four corners facing you.  Place three to four tablespoonfuls of the chicken mixture, in the middle of the square.  Fold first starting by the tip of the corner towards yourself, then fold the tips of the side edges inward, around the mixture.  Roll tightly until just before the final fold, dip your fingers in water, and moisten the remaining tip at the edge, to seal the bread shut.  ontinue until squares are all filled and folded, covering each to keep them soft and well sealed.  Dip into egg mixture then gently roll in breadcrumbs, sealing by pressing tightly the edge of each. Deep fry gently, in one layer, in pan with hot oil, to golden.  Remove on kitchen paper towels.  Transfer to a serving dish with a sautéed vegetable you prefer.

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