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Current issue | Issue 1183, (6 - 12 February 2014)
Saturday,22 September, 2018
Issue 1183, (6 - 12 February 2014)

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 Makeup dos and don’ts

As universal as the desire to be beautiful is across genders and ages, there is little doubt that women harbour a fairer share of the age-old craving. And while makeup is intended to accentuate and enhance our natural beauty, we sometimes commit mistakes that could be doing more harm than good. It’s hard enough for most of us to look fresh in the morning, especially if you're a working mother, but it’s even harder if your makeup makes you look more tired than you already are. No worries, all is not lost. By avoiding these common makeup mistakes, you will look refreshed, energetic and fully ready to take on the new day.

Choosing monotone colours:

Creating definition between each of your facial features helps to make you look more awake. Instead of going for plain, one-dimensional colour all over your face, subtly define your brows, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Using the wrong under-eye concealer:

Too dark or too light concealer will inevitably make you look tired. Make sure to apply it in a well-lit room to make sure that it looks natural. Whenever you test a new product, use a hand mirror to see how it looks in different rooms with varied lighting.

Skipping the eye-makeup primer:

The primer prevents dark-coloured eyeliner from smudging and drooping beneath your eyes. If you really want to play it safe, only use waterproof eyeliner on your bottom lash line.

Using too much powder:

Dry, powdered skin tends to look older and more tired than clean, smooth skin. Don't overdo it, go with a translucent powder to eliminate shine, and blend it in well.

Skipping the moisturiser:

Never apply your makeup before you put on a moisturiser, and, if possible, one that contains SPF. Applying any makeup on dry, flaky skin can make you look incredibly tired and dried out.

Using liquid foundation as an eye shadow base:

Foundation wasn’t designed for this purpose; it’s more likely to crease and can make your eyes look tired instead of pretty. To get a neat and beautiful eye makeup, apply an eye shadow primer first then only apply your eye shadow. Most eye shadow primers will help your makeup last longer and stay crease-free.

Wearing gray makeup:

Makeup with gray undertones brings out the gray colouring in all skin tones to make you look incredibly tired and much older. Stick with a warm-coloured palette to look more youthful and refreshed.

Using the wrong eyeliner colour:

If you have bronze, gold or cool-toned skin, eyeliner will make you look tired and sickly. If you have warm-toned skin, silvery liner can make you look just as bad. Avoid your trouble colours to look more awake.

Using blush as an eye shadow:  

Avoid using your blush as an eye shadow though it can sound useful and time saving. Rose, red or peachy colours usually don’t look flattering on our eyes though they can look good on artistic pictures for glossy magazines.

Going too bright:

Avoid too vivid or neon colours and stick to a neutral pallet when doing your eye makeup.They only look cool when you go to a carnival, but in real life, they rarely look elegant.

Making harsh eye shadow lines:

Eye shadow should be blended well and look like soft smoke. You shouldn’t see the colour between crease and brow bone. Use proper tools to ensure that your shadow is well blended.

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