Thursday,20 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1183, (6 - 12 February 2014)
Thursday,20 June, 2019
Issue 1183, (6 - 12 February 2014)

Ahram Weekly


No magic wand

“Field-Marshal Al-Sisi does not have a magic wand.That’s why he must reveal to the people honestly and clearly the situation of the country and what he will be able to do in the short and long terms without exaggeration or understatement. Meanwhile, people should realise that he is neither an angel nor a devil. He made mistakes in the past and he may make mistakes in the future, and so people are required to monitor him, not giving away any rights granted by the constitution or the law.”

Mohamed Habib,

Al-Masry Al-Youm

The next step

“Al-Sisi has a good chance if he decides that his next step will be to build a state based on respect, a state that looks after the interests of the people under the rule of law coming in the wake of two revolutions whose demands have not yet been met.”

Mohamed Fathi,


Inevitable collision

“Everybody criticised the Muslim Brotherhood in the final days of its rule because its members became so arrogant. Thinking that they would rule forever, they were hostile to everyone but themselves. Six months later, the present government seems to be following the same track and heading towards the inevitable collision with everyone.”

Emadeddin Hussein,


LE89.431 billion

is the value of the deficit in the egyptian budget during the first half of fiscal year 2013/2014.
This tightened the deficit to  4.4 % of GDP compared to 5.5 % in the corresponding period of the previous year.



“If you think that after two revolutions, you will be able to uproot corruption, you must be dreaming. Corruption has become a popular phenomenon that is deeply rooted on all levels and in all fields without exception—a network of interests. It needs the efforts of new leadership that is fearless, and even that would be a beginning. It will take years…”

Amr Abdel-Hakim Amer

“People are still waiting for the harvest of the revolution. I wonder why social justice has not yet been achieved in Egypt, three years after the revolution. Five cabinets were formed, more than 100 ministers were selected, in order to achieve the targets of the revolution and meet the ambitions of the people. When will the harvest season start?”

Ayman Al-Mahgoub


Sarah El Deeb @seldeeb

Popular wave could lift #Egypt army chief #sissi to office

maha azzam @mahalondon

#Egypt’s military regime is bankrupt. It has nothing 2 offer the Egyptian people politically or economically. 60yrs of failure #Sissi

saleh @2zworld

The politics of Morsi’s trial: political trial designed to disgrace,delegitimise & dispose of the MB.

Kenneth Roth @KenRoth

Locking up Morsi in a soundproof cage won’t silence the countless people of #Egypt who dissent from govt’s repression.

Nervana Mahmoud @Nervana_1

What is interesting today in Morsi’s trial is the relative calm in comparison to previous sessions. Gradually reality begins to sink. #Egypt


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