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Current issue | Issue 1189, (20 - 26 March 2014)
Monday,24 September, 2018
Issue 1189, (20 - 26 March 2014)

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Eyewear essentials

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Eyeglasses can be one of the most flattering and stylish accessories in your beauty toolbox. They can change your whole vibe, making you look both gorgeous and sexy. Yet, adding some frames to your face sometimes compels you to alter your makeup approach. So, to help sharpen up your spec-style, follow these makeup artists’ tips and tricks to learn how to best complement your glasses and make your eyes pop behind your frames.

•       Define your brows.  Brows make a huge difference when you wear glasses — the frames draw attention to them. So filling in your brows really helps to frame your face and create a polished look. Keep up on your grooming, whether you wax, thread or tweeze. Make sure they are nicely trimmed and shaped.

•       Stick to neutral shades on the eyes but remember to blend a darker colour into your crease for added definition. Save the bright, bold colours for your lips. Shimmery eye shadows are great and easy to apply. First prime your lid. Then, brush a cream-coloured matte eye shadow all over your lid. Next, take a shimmery medium-brown shade to the crease of the eye. Starting from the outside of the eye, brush the shadow in toward the nose in a windshield wiper motion. Lastly, apply a darker brown or plum shadow to the outer parts of your eyes, creating a sideways “V” shape to really define your crease. You can take that same dark colour and brush it under your lower lash line for added definition. To make your eyes really pop, apply a cream-coloured liner to your lower water line. Select colours that complement the colour of your frames, as well as the colour of your eyes.

•       Glasses cast a shadow, so it’s even more important than usual to cover under-eye circles with a non-creasing concealer. Choose a shade that’s one shade lighter than your natural skin colour. This will brighten your under eye and help conceal any dark circles.                                    

Trick: For really dark under eye circles, apply an orange lipstick and blend in with your fingertips. Then apply your concealer on top using a concealer brush. Make sure to set concealer with a mineral powder so that it doesn’t settle in any fine lines.

•       Apply one to two coats of mascara to make sure your lashes really stand out. Before you coat them, curl them. Then apply your mascara. That way, your lashes won’t hit your lenses. And make sure your lashes are dry before you put your glasses on to avoid smudging the inside of your frames. Always use smudge-proof or waterproof black mascara, which makes the biggest difference (unless your prescription makes your eyes look bigger).

Trick: Heat up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer and then curl your lashes. It works on even the most reluctant lashes

•       Adjusting the thickness of your liner is important when you’re wearing glasses. If you have thin frames, go with a thin liner. Thicker frames apply a thick liner. Also, pay attention to the width of your frames. If the width of your frames extends well beyond the sides of your eyes, go ahead and wing out the liner. If your frames are a bit narrow, just follow your lash line without extending. You can add shape to your eye by making the outer liner thicker then the inner eye. This will create an illusion of a lifted, more youthful lid.

•       Choose a powder or mineral foundation versus liquid or cream formulas. Liquid and cream foundations tend to migrate under your frames, leaving unsightly marks on the bridge of your nose and cheeks.

•       Add bold colours to your cheeks and lips to take your glasses look from day to night. A bright or dark lip colour can instantly transform you into “party ready” and a bright shade of pink blush on your cheek will instantly give your face a lift and flush of colour.

•       Pay attention to your prescription:

-   If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller, be sure to line your eyes all the way around. Using a liner that is darker than your natural eye colour is recommended since it creates a perfect contrast that defines the eyes. Finish with two to three coats of black mascara on the top lashes only for a refreshed look.

-   If your prescription makes your eyes look bigger, use a light hand when applying your eye makeup and be sure to blend everything carefully. The last thing you want your glasses to do is magnify any mistakes. For shadows, go with light, neutral shades. Your eyeliner should be delicate and thin, with only one coat of mascara to open up the eyes.



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