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Current issue | Issue 1201, (12 -18 June 2014)
Tuesday,21 August, 2018
Issue 1201, (12 -18 June 2014)

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Nostradamus lives on!

Call him a prophet, call him a quack! There is little doubt however, that one Michel de Nostradamus and his predictions, baffled and astounded mankind for 500 years. He predicted his own death when he told his devoted assistant Chavigny: “You will not see me alive at sunrise”. The next morning Chavigny found his master dead, July 1,1566.

Born in Provence, France in 1503 to Jewish parents who converted to Catholicism following the Inquisition, he entered Medical School at Montpellier where he amazed everyone by his strange methods of treatment. He cured Bubonic plague victims, (Black Death) with simple cleanliness and mega-doses of rose hips, (Vitamin C).

In 1554 Nostradamus published his most famous book, “Centuries”, consisting of 10 volumes of app. 100 quatrains, (4-line verses) each predicting future events.  The book has remained in print for the past 500 years.

Because ‘clairvoyance’ was considered ‘witchcraft’, Nostradamus wrote in riddles, poems, anagrams and epigrams. He wrote in Greek, Latin, Italian and French Provencal, all mingled and unrecognisable.

Exceedingly hard to decipher, his writings have enthralled all who have been exposed to them, since then, until today.

A recently published book by author John Hogue speaks of Nostradamus and a Code name MABUS. The book’s cover illustrates four photos among them Obama and Osama Ben Laden. Who is Mabus, the world wonders! We know more about the renowned author, whose 1987 best- seller, “Nostradamus and the Millennium” sold 700,000 copies, and was translated in 9 languages. Hogue revisits Nostradamus 24 years later, with more extensive knowledge of the man’s predictions and the present geo-political stage, where the Middle-East plays a leading role.

Hogue is no amateur! His remarkable approach is reminiscent of a Naom Chomsky, with equal acumen and perception. Now hailed as the pre-eminent author on Nostradamus, he does a little prophesying of his own. His documented predictive track-record into the new millennium  achieved an accuracy surpassing 80 per cent.

The shockingly thought provoking end of MABUS has sent all 20 million Nostradamus’ fans on the trail of the evil force, desperately trying to discover his identity, MABUS is personified as a world-leader, a dictator, or a past, present or future president. The army of sleuths searching for MABUS grows bigger every day. Hogue has another winner to add to his repertoire, to the delight of Nostradamus believers!

Undoubtedly, Nostradamus is the greatest prophet, (as in prophesying), of the last 500 years. He predicted all the world’s catastrophes and the rise of prominent personalities.

 A quick view of some of his quatrains, so cleverly disguised, you find words such as Pay, Nay, Loron. They all turned out to be misspelled names of the southern French towns, Pay, Nay, and O’Loron. PAU-NA-LORON was none other than NAPOLEON ROY (king). The details are even more astonishing, as he describes Napoleon as born in Italy,(Corsica).

His other major prophecy was the surge of Hitler, whom he calls Hister, with a Gothic S, an old name for the river Danube, (Ister) and lists his place of birth as Noricum, an ancient name for Austria. He even describes his symbol as “a crooked cross”, the Swastika.

Nostradamus predicted the abdication of Edward VIII of Great Britain, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, WWI, WWII, the AIDS epidemic and the “Great day of terror” of the New City, the attack on New York’s World Towers. The numbers mentioned, 1911, when decoded became 9111, or the 9th month, the11th day, of the year 2001, 9-11-1. He saw “Earth shaking fire from the centre of the earth which will cause the towers in the New City to shake”. 

Even in his daily life he shed light on his “special gifts”.  While wandering through Europe during his years of despair, he came across some young Franciscan Friars, near Ancona, Italy.  Nostradamus immediately fell on his knees and kissed the robes of a lowly Friar, explaining: “I must cede myself and bend my knees before his holiness.”  The monks were amused and puzzled by the ridiculous act of a madman. Forty years following Nostradamus’ death, that same Friar, Felice Peretti, was elected Pope Sixtus VI.

Another amusing incident took place at Lord Florinville’s castle, where Nostradamus was invited for dinner. In jest the host asked Nostradamus which pig will be served for dinner… the white or the black, to which Nostradamus answered ‘the black’. The host ordered the cook to prepare the white pig. At feast’s end, he called the cook and asked which pig they had. The cook answered ‘the black pig’. He asked again and received the same answer. “After preparing the white pig a wolf devoured it” explained the cook, ”so we promptly prepared the black”...  Florinville doubted no more!

What lies ahead we wonder. In his later quatrains, Nostradamus repeatedly mentions Persia, now Iran,  Israel, which he calls Judea, Turkey, mentioned as Constantinople or Byzantium and Armenia. His greatest warning is for the US, referred to as the New City, and its fleet, predicting its destruction.

What drove such a successful, affluent, respected physician, to risk his life and spend hours in his attic, night after night, staring at blazing flames, inducing ecstatic trances and writing incessantly, uncontrollably, feverishly of a dark, mysterious future?

Man’s desire to believe in the supernatural is a primeval one, existing in all of us in varying degrees. The fear of the unknown is profound and foreboding, but can man reverse his destiny?

“All argument is against it; but all belief is for it.”

Samuel Johnson ( 1709- 1784).

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