Saturday,21 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1202, (19 -25 June 2014)
Saturday,21 July, 2018
Issue 1202, (19 -25 June 2014)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

Tidying up after defeat

The disappointed Japanese fans didn’t let the 2-1 defeat against Ivory Coast stop them from showing respect for the host country Brazil. They took part in a litter clear-up only minutes after watching their team lose in their opening game in the World Cup.

A moral issue

“When we discuss the issue of sexual harassment in the Egyptian streets we have to look at the causes of that issue so as not to be locked in vicious circles. It could be primarily ascribed to unemployment, the language used by satellite channels and deteriorating morals.”
Farouk Guweida, Al-Ahram

Al-Maliki’s awaited exit

“What is happening in Iraq these days is a real catastrophe. The US invasion is primarily responsible for that catastrophe because it destroyed the Iraqi state, disbanded the army and built a political system based on sectarianism. Saddam Hussein could have been deposed without destroying the state as well. However, rebuilding the state is not impossible but very difficult. It cannot be achieved without toppling Al-Maliki and launching a new phase of rule without sectarianism and without Sunni insurgents. “
Amr Al-Chobaki, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Can ISIS establish a state?

“No organisation that espouses takfirism can establish a state. It has never happened in the history of Islam that an organisation with that kind of thinking was able to build a state. States are built on tolerance and multiplicity, they are is not just weapons and ammunition. They have to possess the mentality of a state, and statesmen…”
Nageh Ibrahim, Al-Watan

Egyptian Essence

2 The number of times Egypt has appeared at the FIFA world Cup


“BBC quoting British Foreign Secretary, Wlliam Hague, on Iraqi developments: “It is entirely possible to say it was the right thing to remove Saddam Hussein but that mistakes were made in the aftermath,” he said. “It is possible to argue that Western intervention makes these problems worse and it is possible to argue that the absence of Western intervention makes these things worse.”
“Reassuring to know our own leaders don’t have a monopoly on incoherence and hypocrisy.”
Hani Shukrallah

The fall of Mosul and Nineveh in the hands of ISIS is still ambiguous. The fact that army units and security forces completely disappeared without fighting, abandoning their weapons, suggests that a certain arrangement had been made. Call it treason or conspiracy, it definitely threatens Baghdad’s security and could have the effect of wiping out the Syrian-Iraqi border and establishing a state for ISIS.
This arrangement (whatever it may be called) is not far from the regional conflict in Syria. It will have direct repercussions for the Gulf States and the whole Levant. Egypt is not far from what is going on. An active foreign policy is a no longer a matter of choice.”
Hani Raslan


The Big Pharaoh @TheBigPharaoh
Sisi is an early bird. He once said he wakes up at 5am. Tomorrow the new Egypt cabinet will be sworn in at 7am!

mostafa @mostafa  
God grant me the serenity to protest #sisi’s faults, the courage to applaud his achievements, and the wisdom to know the difference. #egypt

Nervana Mahmoud @Nervana_1 
There is no good versus bad in #Iraq, there is only bad versus bad. Taking sides is not the right option. #justsaying

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