Monday,16 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1204, (3-9 July 2014)
Monday,16 July, 2018
Issue 1204, (3-9 July 2014)

Ahram Weekly

God be praised

A spirit of love, faith and hope permeates the air! The people of Egypt have recovered their smiles as they joyfully greet each other with the traditional “Ramadan Karim”, (Ramadan is bountiful).

Was it only a year ago that during this holy month, despite our bleeding hearts, we took off to the streets, on a breezeless summer’s day, clamouring and crying:” No more monstrous Brotherhood rule”.  We stormed out of our homes, heading to ‘Tahrir Square’, or any other square, with repast in hand, determined to recapture our country from the claws of those foreign invaders, purposely resolved on its destruction. “ Long live Egypt” we cheered in unison. “Down with the MB”, we groaned feverishly.

At sundown, we broke our fast, sharing with friends and strangers, Muslims and Christians, Egyptians and foreigners, cool drinks and tasty morsels.  It was a feeling of warmth and camaraderie, forever etched in our memories.  History will refer to it as the day Egyptians triumphed, June 30th, 2013.  Refreshed and energised, we felt a strange sensation of victory. Yellowed, sunken eyes, brightened, stooping shoulders, straightened, sadness and restlessness disappeared.  We had prevailed!

People were inspired by each other’s enthusiasm and confidence. Down tumbled the false empire of the MB. Their devoutness and holiness took flight and they stood naked with only the shroud of their savagery and inhumanity.

For three years we trembled under their reign, we passed through the shadow of death, but our roots were deep, our faith strong and our will, unyielding.  We braved the battle and the breeze and did not break!

Now as we kneel to pray in humility and gratitude, during this holy month, we are aware of our wisdom and our might. We have removed two unfit presidents, elected a leader of our choice and not only learned about democracy, but practised it.

It is ironic however, that the rest of the so-called democratic world has little appreciation for our battles and ordeals, for our solitary fight against Islamic extremist terrorists, or for our truely democratically elected president… of the people, by the people and for the people!

We are forced to read sonorous lies in a surly publication, such as the New York Times among others, of how Morsi was our only democratically elected president.  Was there no suspicion aroused by the people’s discontent, by their plots and counterplots, by their crimes and misdemeanours? A trifling of an effort would have revealed the reality of the fraudulence behind the MB president, voted in by their crafty, crooked methods such as the printing of a million illegal ballots included in the count. They knew it, we knew it and now the courts have proved it, but the venerable reporters of the New York Times, remain unconvinced.  Of course they know better!

 To ignore the truth, to sneer at facts, to distort history is undignified and shameful. Perhaps their slogan should be changed to ‘all the news not fit to print’.

What is lacking is knowledge! That is a fatal void in the news business; what there is plenty of, is prejudice, discrimination and partisanship. Unless the news is impartial, objective and truthful, they should give themselves another name.

There seems to be a moral decay pervading in America. Former president Clinton referred to it as ‘the demise of the American dream’. It is not only the financial gain, but the moral sense that is vanishing. It trickles down from the White House of lies, to a partial media only too willing to pamper and protect their fumbling, bumbling presidential choice, who himself is only too willing to protect the MB, and dismiss their criminal deeds. 

Such an affinity between Obama and the MB surely should anger all Americans.  Have they already forgotten 9/11?  Call them what you will, ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘Jihadists’, ‘Hamas’, ‘Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis’, this or that, they are all spawns of one source and that is the MB. They use religion to advance their political and financial power, they apply ‘Sharia’ Law in the worst forms possible, worse than the Dark Ages and they leave a trail of blood wherever they go. They are not only enemies of Christianity, they are enemies of mankind!  

Was it not Obama who with a straight face, and the trace of a smirk, declared that “Osama is dead, and Al-Qaeda is on the run”?  On the run to where?  Iraq?  After so many catastrophic years, with millions of lives lost on both sides, and billions of dollars squandered needlessly, and for what, for the “ISIS” (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria) to move in? That is only another surrogate of the MB!

Despite our celebratory mood and our freedom from these murderers, our hearts bleed for the people of Iraq. Iraq is the blunder that keeps on blundering and it is not beyond the realm of reality that American soldiers will be dragged back to Baghdad.

The measure of a great man is how is this… how are we better off for him! We have had the wisdom to elect such a man and proud of it, despite the uniform, as though Eisenhower, De Gaul or even Churchill did not wear one.

As we fervently pray during this holy month, we kneel under the light of a clear blue sky in contrast to the ominous, black sky of past years, and we praise God, for his bounty and mercy!

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

                         Robert Browning  ( 1812-1889)

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