Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1207, (24 - 30 July 2014)
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1207, (24 - 30 July 2014)

Ahram Weekly

The sky is falling

Whatever happened to our world last week?  All reason and sanity vanished, turning it blacker than night. “How sad and bad and mad it was!”

Blinded by gloomy, charcoal clouds, our many moods of sorrow had reached their extreme. We ran around dumbfounded, staggering and crying like the silly little hen in the children’s tale:  “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”.

But the sky was indeed falling!

Last Thursday, July 17, 300 bodies were falling from the sky of the Ukraine, following the crash of Air Flight MH 17.  A senseless act of aggression, inexplicable, unfathomable, no one yet knows how or why! The world was outraged, the media relentless! Heads of state rushed to voice their condemnation of this heinous act, with hundreds of cameras flashing everywhere.

Almost simultaneously, one of the world’s greatest armies, crying ‘self-defence’, rolled into Gaza, with its mighty tanks and naval gunboats, pounding a helpless, poverty-stricken civilian population. Aerial bombardments had been incessant for ten days, why chose this particular time for an all-out ground invasion? The timing is, to say the least, suspicious. Could it be that Israel counted on the world’s diversion with the plane crash, little notice would be given to their unspeakable aggression? That is exactly what happened!

The coverage of the media, owned by their Jewish barons, reserved their research, their analysis and their mourning to the human lives lost in the Ukraine, but little is felt for the sub-humans in Gaza.

The outrage over the Malaysian air disaster far outweighs the outrage over the human tragedy of the deliberate Gaza massacre. Their sky had literally fallen, destroying their whole existence. Over 500 lives lost to date, hospitals and homes levelled, leaving 80,000 innocents homeless, seeking refuge, no one knows where. Yet, where is the outrage?

The great statesmen concurred that Israel had the right to defend itself.

As for Israel’s self-defence, it would be informative to know the extent of the destruction caused by the ‘Hamas’ rockets. Israel is protected by its “Iron Dome”, which prevents the penetration of missiles. If Israel suffered 20 casualties due to terrorist aggression, does it warrant the annihilation of a whole nation? Is the response not far greater than the aggression?

Gaza, once an open-air prison, now encompasses the biggest crime scene in the world, and the criminals responsible for this humanitarian disaster seem to have the world’s blessings.

A heavy and weary weight, of an unintelligible world is a cumbersome burden on all Egyptians. You can almost hear a profound sigh, a despairing sigh, as we are stabbed one more time by the hand of the brutal elements of the monstrous Brotherhood or their surrogates, regardless of their titles. The Libyan border terrorist attack which took the lives of 21 young Egyptian army soldiers, during those holy days of Ramadan, has draped the country in a shroud of sorrow.

How often have we bellowed and hollered at the West, during the last three years as we endured the savagery of Hamas and company, but the West turned a deaf ear.

Egypt is overcome with grief, but remains resolute and courageous. Though overwhelmed by her internal myriad problems and her continuous external assaults, she is still engaged with the intensifying offensive of Gaza, which according to Netanyahu, could last for months. 

How many more must die before Israel feels secure?

Sixty years of hatred, of bombing, of destruction, of torturing and killing tens of thousands of Palestinians and the world does nothing.

Even some conscientious Israelis have expressed disapproval of those acts, no less criminal than those of the despicable terrorists.  Our tears have dried over the suffering of children, but Israel has forgotten that it is the children who pay the price.

If a bullet hits the body of a young child, does it matter whether he is Palestinian, Dutch, Ukrainian or Israeli?

If a mother clutches her child as she tries to escape the onslaught of a bulldozer, does it matter what her nationality is?

Can it be that the world truely believes that Israel is acting in self-defence?

Netanyahu’s re-election campaign promise was to never allow an independent Palestinian State. He is evidently trying to keep his promise. Even his own newspaper ‘Ha’aretz’, queried: “Is Netanyahu fighting Hamas, or the two-state solution?”  The answer is clear, and Palestinians’ hope for an independent state fades day after day.

Was it not those same Palestinians who in the early 1900s welcomed the Jews fleeing the Nazi persecution? They offered them refuge, work, land and lived side by side in peace and harmony. Then came the day when Palestinians were told that the homes they live in, the land that belonged to their fathers and grandfathers, were declared by the United Nations, as part of a new country called Israel.

Is it any wonder that such news was not welcomed by the natives?

Perhaps if Israel had stopped its expansion, refrained from building on the West Bank, hope would still be alive!

Perhaps if the West had stopped supplying Israel with the latest state-of-the-arts artillery, including nuclear weapons, hope would still be alive!

The normally somnolent UN, suddenly awakened by the shrill of unjustified killings, came to view the scene of the crime, or may be its Secretary General is trying to hold up what is left of the sky from falling.

We wish him luck!

“The world is a dangerous place to live—not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

                          Albert Einstein ( 1879-1955)

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