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Current issue | Issue 1209, (14 - 20 August 2014)
Sunday,22 July, 2018
Issue 1209, (14 - 20 August 2014)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by: Rasha Saad

Al-Ahram Weekly

“Rejecting compromises is heroic and noble in appearance but in substance it reflects lack of responsibility. It destroys the self and the dream altogether. Dreams do not come true just because one’s demands are legitimate. It is not enough to be right to achieve victory. One has to have the power to support this right. Nor can dreams be realised by how much one is willing to sacrifice. Whatever sacrifices one is ready to offer, from martyrdom to detention, will not bring dreams any closer unless one makes good use of them. Negotiating after sacrifices is not a ‘compromise on blood’, but a necessary measure to achieve the goal they were offered for in the first place.”
Ezzedine Choukri Fishere,
Al-Masry Al-Youm

“There are lots of stories and details revealed [in Hillary Clinton’s book]. But what is crucial to us [Arabs] is that there is an obvious confusion from the American perspective when it comes to drawing up their Middle East policy, either because of lack of information, lack of will or a naive understanding of current political developments.”
Mohamed El-Remeihi, Al-Ahram

“Could it be that what we are witnessing is a prelude to a third world war, and that the world has not learned the lessons of the first two? The hypothetical answer that everyone seems to agree on is that this is unthinkable, because a war on such a scale would leave nothing intact and could destroy the whole of humanity, thanks to the superpowers’ arsenals of nuclear weapons. The reality is, however, such a war could take different forms and still cause unprecedented global tensions by means of small-scale conflicts and turmoil, as well as information and cyber warfare.”
Ali Ibrahim, Asharq Al-Awsat

Egyptian Essence:

Samira Moussa was an outstanding Egyptian scientist. She is Egypt’s first nuclear researcher. Moussa was born in March, 1917 in Al-Gharbiya governorate.

In 1939, she obtained her B.Sc. in biology with First Class Honors from the Faculty of Science at Cairo University where she was appointed as a lecturer. She then became the first Assistant Professor at the same faculty and the first woman to hold a university post. She was the first to obtain a Ph.D. degree in atomic radiation.

Moussa was also the only Egyptian to be given access to the secret laboratories in the US as a pioneering nuclear researcher. She turned down several offers that required her to live in the US and to be granted the American citizenship
In August 5, 1952 she died in an accident during a visit to the US. Before her return to Egypt, Moussa was invited to a trip. On the way, her car fell from a height of 40 feet, which killed her immediately. The accident opened the door for wide speculations at home that Moussa’s death was a planned assassination.


“Three things shocked me while I was watching the twin bombing (of a street and the ambulance that carried the dead and wounded along with the youth who had come to their aid) in Douma, Syria on TV:
1-People are still living inside totally collapsed buildings;
2-The scene of youths who came out and saw the dead bodies then became dead bodies themselves;
3-Syrians no longer scream or cry. I saw men approaching the burnt ambulance quietly picking up the dead bodies of those who were carrying the other dead bodies.”
Azmi Bishara

“US foreign policy in the new would-be American century: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Crimea, Israel/Palestine, plus the fiasco that was the US-sponsored SCAF/MB deal in Egypt. Leading the world, indeed . . . to disaster!”
Hani Shukrallah

“There are a million reports by international and humanitarian organisations on the war in Gaza while there is none on ISIS’s violation/destruction of anything and everything. Why?”
Sherif Younes


Bel Trew @Beltrew
Saw photos of the 12-year-old Ibrahim killed while playing in a mosque under construction. His skull was peeled open like a sardine tin.

Mohamed El Dahshan @eldahshan
The overly optimistic argument that “time is on the side of #Palestine is erroneous. The opposite is true. The status quo only favours #Israel.

Hadeel Al-Shalchi @hadeelalsh
#yazidis went to #syria to escape #isis after 6 days hiding in #sinjar. They are dehydrated and sun stroked w major signs of war trauma.

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