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Current issue | Issue 1216, (2 - 8 October 2014)
Tuesday,21 August, 2018
Issue 1216, (2 - 8 October 2014)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

Long live Egypt

“Al-Sisi’s speech in the UN was astute, deep and accurate in its coverage of all that the world might want to know about the new Egypt. However, it gave in to sentimentality at the point when he said, ‘Long live Egypt’. I believe that, following his return from New York, the president should call for a national conference that gathers together Egyptian experts both inside the country and abroad in order to obtain recommendations on how to deal with the political, social and economic spheres to create a point of departure for the country.”

Ahmed Ban, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

No room for speculation

“It is natural that some people should question the court’s failure to pronounce a sentence in the Mubarak trial on Saturday; others will no doubt see this as their chance to start a rumour. However, Judge Mahmoud Al-Rashidi cut short all possible speculations by clearly stating that the reason for adjournment is ‘continuing consultations and the drafting of the findings justifying the verdict’. Will this put an end to rumours and speculations, though?”

Mohamed Barakat, Al-Akhbar

Sectarian war

“The Shia Houthis are in control of Sanaa thanks to substantial support from Iran, a strange silence from Saudi Arabia and a lenient reaction from the international community. Meanwhile, there are calls from Al-Qaeda and other Sunni groups to confront Shia expansion in Yemen. Could this be the prelude to full-scale sectarian war in the region?”

Egyptian Essence: 1.3 million grads apply to fill 30,000 posts

“The minister of education stated that the last day for applying for the 30 thousand teaching vacancies was Monday. Some 1.3 million fresh graduates have already applied to these jobs. Shortlisting will take place via the internet.” Al-Youm Al-Sabei


“The Egyptian response to Erdogan’s UN speech is pathetic: a routine statement from the foreign ministry in addition to dozens of comments in the media and on social networks, chiding him. Wouldn’t it be better if the state reviewed its relations with Turkey in a practical way that might actually force Turkey to stop abusing Egyptians? The Roro agreement, signed in 2012, exempts Turkey from paying Suez Canal customs by allowing it to transport its good by sea to the port of Damietta port and then by land to the Red Sea. In this way, Egypt loses $1 billion.
At the same time, the issue of the Egyptian Khedival palaces in Istanbul remains unresolved. Although we have documents to prove that they are Egyptian property, these valuable palaces are still under the control of the Turkish government. I wish the Egyptian state would act in a responsible way regarding these two files.”

Mustafa Ellabbad


Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous  
Unreal. After all this bombast the judge postpones the verdict in Mubarak trial to November 29, 2014.

Galal @GalalAmrG 
Previously on Mubarak Trial: 160,000 papers of papers. One trial. One country. Guilty? Innocent? Find out more on Nov 29. Stay tuned. #Egypt

AbdelHalim AbdAllah @Abdukhalim1 
Today’s [Sunday] cosmic question: Why #Sisi‘s speech from #CairoUni was not aired? Send your answer to #0900Umeldonya u might win a free trip to jail.

orit perlov @oritperlov  
Apathy, poor planning, or protest? Turkey’s #Erdogan speaks to an empty room at the UN yesterday.

Sherinkh @sherabdelmonem  
@UlasDogaEralp @BenjaminHarvey any one with a brain would hate to listen to a dictator talking about democracy in another country.

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