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Current issue | Issue 1220, (6 - 12 November 2014)
Wednesday,18 July, 2018
Issue 1220, (6 - 12 November 2014)

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Strange bedfellows

What outrage! What fury! What atrocity!

The US media huffed and puffed, fuming with anger and indignation. Shameless US officials in the White House called the Israeli PM such vile names as “coward”, “gutless” and “expletives”, we prefer to omit.  How dare they?  What an affront to our “best friends’? “US relations had reached a new low” they moaned. Dare we say... it is high time!

A remark included in an article in the ‘Atlantic’ by Jeffrey Goldberg, turned the American capital topsy-turvy. Any thinking entity would consider first what is best for the US and refuse to continue to live a lie, but not the Americans.  They are not free to act when it comes to Israel. It is beyond their reason that they consider Israel anything but their “best friend”, despite the havoc it wreaked on the US and its citizens since its inception. Not only has the American taxpayer flooded the new state with countless billions of dollars, but has been a staunch supporter, despite Israel’s despicable policies and a regime often described as “apartheid” by many.

And if the US is Israel’s “best friend”, is Israel America’s best friend? If you think so, think again! Israel has no ’best friends’. Israel only looks out for Israel. The US has shielded Israel from accountability and its brutality goes unchallenged.

The heavy, weary, weight of that unintelligible alliance is beginning to show. The relationship is not just misty but muddy.  Reason is the chief characteristic of sanity. To extol sanity out of such an irrational situation is absurd.  Apart from the diplomatic, economic and military help, Americans have fought and died in wars in the Middle-East so Israel can sit pretty. Why else did they invade Iraq?  There were a number of issues at play, but the main agenda was the remaking of the map of the Middle-East to ensure Israeli security.

In a Washington Post interview Joseph C Wilson stated: “My fear is that when it, (the Iraqi war), becomes increasingly apparent that it was all done to make Sharon’s life easier and that American soldiers are dying to enable Sharon to impose his terms upon the Palestinians, that people will wonder why it is American boys and girls are dying for Israel and that will undercut a strategic relationship and a moral obligation that we’ve had towards Israel for 55 years. I think it’s a terribly flawed strategy.”

Activist Cindy Shehan, half- crazed after losing her son in Iraq, cried: “Yes, my first-born was murdered. Am I angry? He was killed for lies and for a PNAC (Project for the New American Century) agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the army to protect America, not Israel.”

Is there one Israeli soldier or civilian who died for America?

Jonathan Pollard, an American citizen, was a spy for Israel!

There is nothing more powerful, more manipulative in Washington than the Jewish lobby. In their New York Times bestseller, “The Israeli Lobby” John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, wrote: The Israeli lobby has diverted US foreign policy and has had a negative effect on American interests.

 Tony Judt of the New York Times asked: “Does the Israeli Lobby affect our foreign policy choices? Of course, that is one of its goals. The Imperial might and international reputation of the US are so closely aligned with “one small Mediterranean client state”.

Does a ‘best friend’ engage in spying?

The most aggressive espionage against the US of any ally has been the Israeli. Despite the constant blocking of the UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel, 42 to date, Israel beats China and Russia at spying on the US.  

More than 60 Israelis have been detained or arrested for violations and espionage and failed polygraph tests when asked about surveillance.

Following the September 11 catastrophe, investigators suspected Israel may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it with their “best friend”.  A highly placed investigator admitted: “There are tie-ins”, but refused to describe them as evidence, claiming they were “classified information.”

Since the mid 90s evidence of a secretive, sprawling investigation into suspected espionage in cities and towns across the country, could be organised intelligence gathering activity involving over 140 Israelis.

Israelis from the University of Jerusalem and the Bazala Academy, claiming they wish to sell cheap art or handiwork have penetrated military basis, the DEA and FBI and dozens of government facilities, secret offices, unlisted homes of law enforcement personnel. Electronic surveillances have been intercepted at explosive ordinance units. Who needs such friends? Ask the Americans!

Journalist Christopher Hitchens got it right: “The Jewish tail wags the American dog.”

Since Netanyahu announced that Israel would build more than 1000 new housing units in parts of Jerusalem, he has turned a deaf ear to the negative response of the US, leaving American Jews asking:   “What is Bibi doing?” Adamant Netanyahu responded: “Israel will continue to build in our eternal capital.”  Is this man totally detached from reality, or does he belong to another age of imperialism and feudalism?

When all Jewish children in America are reared as Jewish nationalists, taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, they can hardly grow up to befriend anyone else but their own.

 This “friendship” has brought fear, hatred, terrorism, mass destruction and murder to America’s doorstep. What a gross mistake for Americans to consider them friends. 

 “God save me from my friends; I can protect myself from my enemies”

Marshall, Duc de Villars (1653-1734)

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