Saturday,21 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1222, (20-26 November 2014)
Saturday,21 July, 2018
Issue 1222, (20-26 November 2014)

Ahram Weekly

They elected a king

Should we not all feel sorry for the American People?  They got far more than they bargained for when in 2008 they elected Obama for president.  More than two centuries ago they rejected the rule of the British   and their tyrannical monarch, George III, whose severe restrictions, taxation and oppression of the people’s rights for independence caused him the loss of the valuable colony.

Led by George Washington the colonists fought the British for 6 years, (1776-1782),and on July 4, 1776, they issued a Declaration of Independence, that:

‘All men are created equal...’perhaps the best written constitution in the history of man.  A bastion of democracy America was the envy of all races worldwide, as monarchy after monarchy began to tumble.

The ideas of liberty and equality were borrowed from French philosophers and thinkers such as Rousseau, Montesquieu and Voltaire, who were revolted by their King Louix XVI.  The American ‘Founding Fathers’ had indeed visited France and were greatly inspired by their writings and their theories of ‘liberte, egalite, fraternite’, but Americans were the first in the world to apply them.  The French Revolution broke out 15 years later, July 14, 1791.

Moving ‘Fast Forward’ to the 3rd millennium, Americans, ashamed of their infamous history of slavery, were determined to wash the blood of blacks off their hands, by electing a black president. How noble, how grand, how democratic!  

Enter that tall, slender, attractive, eloquent, Harvard-educated black man, charming, sincere and promising a bright future, full of ‘hope’ and ‘change’.  They devoured him with their eyes and clamoured in unison:  “He is the one.”  Many warned that he was not all he seemed to be. He was arrogant, inexperienced, vain, hostile, bitter, angry, but they cheered him on as he swiftly embraced his adoring crowds. That was six years ago. Today Americans know they voted for a devious, vengeful dictator who will use his discretion to change the laws.

Out went the black president, in came king Obama. They had actually elected their first king. George III was not elected.

Despite his training as a constitutional law lecturer, he chose to ignore it. Congress was disregarded. He makes and unmakes laws. He starts and ends wars. He spends trillions of government dollars.  “His ability to reward friends and punish enemies exceeds anything seen in the past”, writes F H Buckley in his book: ’Rex quondam, Rex futurus’ The Once and Future King.  

‘USA Today’ , April 27, refers to him as “our latest monarch”. “President Obama acts as if he is the king of the States, or a tyrant, instead of the president.

We are on the horizon of a crowning government.”

President Obama is preparing to violate the constitution again with executive orders on illegal immigration,  as well as climate change, taxation, more Czars and key cabinet appointments, minimum wage, a deal with Iran, without the consent of Congress.  Poor Americans, they have had nothing to cheer about for the last six years.

Congresswoman Michele Bachman insists Obama is acting more like a monarch: “ if you don’t do what I say, I’m going to do it anyway.”  Representative Tom Rice complains: “He puts our freedom in peril and is essentially a tyrant.”

The nationalised healthcare, known as ‘Obamacare’ was voted in by a majority of democrats in both houses although the public was uneasy and distrustful of its contents.  Today it has been revealed by one of its major architects, Prof Jonathan Gruber of MIT, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) admitted that they relied greatly on “the stupidity of the American people”. Can you help but feel sorry for them?

‘Oh no, not a king’ cried the alarmed Americans, who can do little about it.  A separation of powers specifically stated in the constitution was supposed to prevent all this.  Nothing was more central to the Founders of the Constitution than the idea that centralisation of power in a single person is ‘a threat to liberty… the road to corruption and tyranny.’

During the mid-term elections the people gave the president’s opposing party, the Republicans, the majority in both Houses, but Obama was unperturbed. Americans obviously had never heard of the ancient belief in “The Divine Right of Kings.”

Columnist Isaac Bailey believes ‘it is time to impeach king Obama at least over his proposed Immigration action, since he failed to observe his presidential oath, “to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States”.  Is it not time for Americans to head for the White House and demand that their president honour his oath, obey the constitution and the rule of law?  Did it all mean nothing… the oaths, the promises, the hopes, the dreams?

Once this column was derided by the major American media outlets, for expressing the love of Egyptians for their General Al-Sisi; how flags, cards posters and even chocolates are made in his image. What do they say now about the memorabilia hailing king Obama stamped on over two dozen items from neckties, to  glasses, hats, mugs, buttons bumper-stickers, I- Phone cases, etc. They were mocking our democracy, where is their democracy now?    

“The media is the wall that we have to climb for our voices to be heard”. If the American media does not show more interest in the lawlessness of this president, the dream will quickly turn into a nightmare, and the world’s greatest democracy will be no more.

“The measure of a man is what he does with power”
Seneca, the Elder (60 BC- 65 AD)

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