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Current issue | Issue 1223, (27 November - 3 December 2014)
Tuesday,17 July, 2018
Issue 1223, (27 November - 3 December 2014)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

800 million loss

“The chairman of the World Union of Arab Bankers Joseph Torbey estimated the loss to Arab states from the Arab Spring at $800. In the annual conference held in Beirut this week, he said that that loss left some 20 million Arabs unemployed.”


A logical fall

“Calls issued by the so called coalition to support legitimacy for demonstrations on 28 November are signs of the fall of that coalition. That fall is logical and expected because that coalition defied the will of Egyptians and put itself above the state.”


To make or break reconciliation

“Two viewpoints can be espoused in relation to the reasons behind the arrest of Mohamed Ali Beshr. The first is that the authorities decided to burn their last card in possible negotiations with the MB, while the second is that it is a step towards reconciliation between the MB and the regime. Both viewpoints are possible, in my assessment.”

Mahmoud Khalil,


Long Live Tunisia

“The Tunisians have the chance to re-emphasise their allegiance to their cultural identity and social character. They will choose their president under the slogan ‘Long Live Tunisia’ in the hope of building their new state.”

Adel Al-Sanhouri,

Al-Youm Al-Sabei


Amy Hawthorne @awhawth 

“Sinai is slowly turning into a hub for terrorism; terrorists...used the reality created by the recurrent negligence of the state.”


Ahmed Selim @aselim71 

It appears #USG #EU don’t understand (or pretend to) that terrorism in #Sinai is directly linked to what is going on in rest of #ME.


Kenneth Roth @KenRoth 

#Egypt’s vast buffer zone w/ Gaza could drive “already marginalized population into...arms of Sinai-based militants.”


UberFacts @UberFacts 

ISIS released a Youtube video that showed jihadist militants recruiting young boys by giving them ice cream and cotton candy.


“It is clear that the Qatari-Saudi reconciliation and the consequent Saudi effort to achieve reconciliation between Qatar and Egypt is a Qatari maneuver made outside Qatar. Qatar has been promised that it will become a kingdom after the Saudi East Region is handed over to the emirate, according to a plan to divide Saudi Arabia. That plan entered the phase of implementation with the emergence of ISIS and ironically with the help of Saudi miscalculations and faults in assessment...”

Hani Raslan


“Do not make an effort trying to interpret the change in Qatar’s stand. It is a matter of US strategy in the region, in brief, which concluded that a crack in the GCC could hamper US interests in the region given the progress of ISIS, the virus that was created by these states’ greed. Thus, orders are issued to the puppet rulers from Washington to contain the crisis, temporarily at least.”

Nour Farahat

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