Friday,24 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1124, 29 November - 5 December 2012
Friday,24 May, 2019
Issue 1124, 29 November - 5 December 2012

Ahram Weekly


Constitutional experts are divided over the legitimacy of the constitutional declaration announced by President Mohamed Morsi, writes Mona El-Nahhas

Why did Islamist forces cancel Tuesday’s pro-Morsi demonstration, asks Amani Maged

President Morsi’s decrees not only stirred up nationwide popular protests but also united the opposition against him, writes Khaled Dawoud

The final draft of the constitution will be handed over to the president after it was approved by an overwhelming majority of the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly which drew

Demonstrations turned violent in many cities across Egypt, reports Ahmed Morsy

The controversial constitutional declaration of President Mohamed Morsi left judges divided into camps, reports Reem Leila

Amira Howeidy on how President Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration backfired

Was President Mohamed Morsi’s decree providing for fresh investigations into crimes committed against protesters a cynical attempt to cover partisan aims, asks Gamal Essam El-Din

The new prosecutor-general faces an uphill battle to win the confidence of judges, reports Ahmed Morsy

The presidential advisory team may be embroiled in an internal feud, Reem Leila reports

The recent constitutional declaration has raised controversy over how far the Foreign Ministry should abide by official state policies, reports Doaa El-Bey

Despite some irresponsible speculation in the press, fundamental aspects of Egypt’s history and character rule out any prospect of civil war in the country, writes Mohamed Mustafa Orfy

For the second time in just two years, the situation in Egypt has taken the US administration by surprise, writes Ezzat Ibrahim from Washington

The escalation of political violence in Egypt is taking the country into dangerous and uncharted waters, writes Khaled Fayyad

Angry reaction to Morsi’s constitutional declaration came from abroad as well, Doaa El-Bey reports

Egypt’s journalists have vowed to take measures to annul the recent constitutional declaration, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky

Various incidents this week have shown that the violence is increasing in Sinai, writes Ahmed Eleiba

The doubling of the price of 95-octane gasoline went almost unnoticed this week, writes Niveen Wahish

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