Monday,16 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1155, (4 - 10 July 2013)
Monday,16 July, 2018
Issue 1155, (4 - 10 July 2013)

Ahram Weekly


People power ousted Morsi, writes Dina Ezzat

Reem Leila reviews protests being staged across Egypt’s governorates against President Mohamed Morsi

Opposition to President Mohamed Morsi is costing lives, reports Ahmed Morsy

Residents of the coastal city of Alexandria protested against the president demanding his departure, reports Ameera Fouad

Islamists are divided between one camp clamouring for legitimacy and the other consisting of Salafis calling on Morsi to step down, Amany Maged reports

Reem Leila reports on the reaction of the president and his government to the 30 June protests

The Muslim Brotherhood faces its most serious battle yet, writes Gamal Essam El-Din

Rasha Sadek on the tidal wave of hope that inundated Al-Ittihadiya on 30 June

Is this the people-army honeymoon part two, asks Ahmed Eleiba

Have the police learned from their mistakes in January 2011, asks Ahmed Morsy

Tamarod will be the first victim of its success, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky. Nothing could please its organisers more

The judicial community welcomed the dismissal of the prosecutor-general who Morsi appointed and the return to the post of the man the president had dumped, Gamal Essam El-Din reports

Doaa El-Bey examines foreign reactions to protests in Egypt

Egypt’s media outlets and TV channels have been the targets of an intensive crackdown, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky

Worries that demonstrations on 30 June would provide cover for looters at archaeological sites have proved ill-founded, reports Nevine El-Aref

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