Thursday,19 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1156, (11 - 17 July 2013)
Thursday,19 July, 2018
Issue 1156, (11 - 17 July 2013)

Ahram Weekly


Ezzat Ibrahim examines how the US got it wrong ahead of, and during, the ouster of the Islamist regime of Mohamed Morsi

Doaa El-Bey reviews international reactions to the end of Morsi’s rule

Following its suspension from the African Union’s Peace and Security Council in the wake of the 30 June Revolution, Egypt now has new opportunities on the African continent,

Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports on Western media coverage of the 30 June Revolution

Ahmed Morsy sees whether national reconciliation with Islamists can start or whether it is too late

What now for the Brotherhood, asks Amira Howeidy

Egypt’s Copts have broadly supported the demonstrations against the former Muslim Brotherhood regime, writes Michael Adel

Who is the interim president? Reem Leila looks for an answer

The army is fully capable of defending its reputation as well as national security, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Egyptian hopes for a better tomorrow are tempered by the fears of yesterday, reports Dina Ezzat

The Tamarod campaign has emerged as a leading political player, writes Mohamed Abdel-Baky

Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including ex-president Mohamed Morsi, face the prospect of being tried for treason, Gamal Essam El-Din reports

Amany Maged on the shifting stance of the Nour Party

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