Tuesday,18 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1157, (18 - 24 July 2013)
Tuesday,18 September, 2018
Issue 1157, (18 - 24 July 2013)

Ahram Weekly


Ahmed Eleiba writes on the security situation in the peninsula following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi

While there are security concerns behind Egypt’s imposition of visa requirements on Syrians travelling to the country, the human factor in the Syrian crisis may have been compromised,

Ahmed Eleiba reads into Al-Sisi’s first speech since the 30 June Revolution

The National Salvation Front says it will continue working together to face the many challenges ahead, reports Khaled Dawoud

Despite international calls for his release, Egypt’s ousted former president Mohamed Morsi is to be investigated on suspicion of spying and conspiracy to kill protesters, writes

The recent visit of US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns to Cairo has only emphasised American uncertainty about how to react to Egypt’s 30 June Revolution, writes Ezzat Ibrahim

Why did Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait so promptly come to Egypt’s rescue, buoying the post-Morsi Egyptian economy, asks Gamal Nkrumah

Despite a still heavily polarised political scene, efforts towards national reconciliation continue, writes Ahmed Morsy

The interim prime minister is expected to finalise the interim cabinet during the next few days. Reem Leila profiles the newly appointed ministers

How long do Muslim Brotherhood supporters intend to continue their sit-ins in support of the deposed former president, asks Amany Maged

Supporters of ousted former president Mohamed Morsi say they will not end their protests until legitimacy is restored, writes Mohamed Abdel-Baky

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