Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1176, (12 - 18 December 2013)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1176, (12 - 18 December 2013)

Ahram Weekly


Ahmed Eleiba tries to assess results of the tripartite meeting in Khartoum to settle the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam controversy

Campaigns for and against the newly drafted constitution have begun, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky

A non-stop wave of violence is spreading in Egypt’s universities, reports Reem Leila

* Al-Qaradawi resigns * Brotherhood trial adjourned * Al-Sisi out of Time * Jihadist leader killed

The first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest will be Egypt’s first astronaut, reports Ahmed Morsy

Jail sentences passed against young Brotherhood female members have been reduced after the girls gained widespread public sympathy at home and abroad, reports Reem Leila

The trial of three leading activists on charges of breaking the new demonstration law gives lawyers an opportunity to challenge its constitutionality, reports Khaled Dawoud

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