Saturday,21 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1275, (17- 30 December 2015)
Saturday,21 July, 2018
Issue 1275, (17- 30 December 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Millions of Syrian refugees face harsh conditions in makeshift camps inside the borders of neighbouring states, writes Bassel Oudat

The town of Tartous has flourished since the Russians made it their naval base in Syria, but the situation may be short-lived, writes Bassel Oudat

The archaeological site of Palmyra in Syria figured among the victims of the Islamic State terrorist group this year, writes David Tresilian

A federal system in Benghazi and Derna’s tribal unity are crucial for Libya’s autonomy, writes Kamel Abdallah

Baghdad’s Tahrir Square symbolises the Iraqi version of a botched quest for freedom, writes Salah Nasrawi

The future of a city once celebrated as Iraq’s gateway to the world is now in doubt, writes Salah Nasrawi

Ahmed Eleiba recalls the details of a trip taken to Yemen that furnished insights still relevant on who is in control and how

The future appears grim for Palestinians, which could lead to a full intifada that might spill over to other Arab states, including Jordan, writes Mohamed Gomaa

Tragedy struck the city of Mecca twice this year during the annual Muslim pilgrimage, writes Ashraf Abul-Yazid

The historic city of Vienna was the venue for the signing of this year’s nuclear agreement with Iran, writes Camelia Entekhabifard

The city of Sousse, like Tunisia as a whole, is recovering from the terrorist attacks that struck its beaches in June, writes Lassaad Ben Ahmed

Istanbul’s most famous public square continues to be a lightning rod of national political sentiment, particularly over the identity and rules of governance of modern Turkey,

Riad Al-Solh Square in downtown Beirut has long been a symbol of political authority and a focal point for movements aiming to contest it, writes Hassan Al-Qishawi

As Boko Haram tops the world’s terrorist killer list, Dan Glazebrook asks questions about US reluctance to assist Nigeria in stamping out the deadly group

Timbuktu is getting back on its feet after being occupied by extremist jihadists, but the problem of Islamist violence remains rife in north and sub-Saharan Africa, writes Haytham Nuri

The French capital was hit by a series of terrorist attacks this year inspired by the extremist ideology of the Islamic State and other armed Islamist groups, writes David Tresilian

The five permanent UN Security Council members ended 2015 as divided as ever, and yet dominant. Emerging powers are hedging their bets on Security Council reform amid a changing

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