Monday,27 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1311, (8 - 21 September 2016)
Monday,27 May, 2019
Issue 1311, (8 - 21 September 2016)

Ahram Weekly


Reports are circulating of an upcoming meeting between the Turkish and Syrian presidents, but the magnitude of their differences makes it hard to believe it will take place, writes

A new amnesty law in Iraq has raised fears of impunity being given to terrorists, human rights abusers and corrupt officials, writes Salah Nasrawi

Two Syrian intelligence officers had been accused of overseeing the 2013 Tripoli bombings in Lebanon, writes Hassan Al-Qishawi in Beirut

US Secretary of State John Kerry appears eager to bring Yemen’s national crisis to an end before the term of the Obama administration runs out. It is a tall task, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton headed this week into the final two-month sprint to the 8 November US presidential elections, reports Khaled Dawoud

Violence has erupted to the surface in Gabon after incumbent Ali Bongo declared himself the winner in the recent presidential elections, writes Haitham Nouri

The sweeping crackdown on the press in Turkey following July’s failed coup is continuing, reports Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian

Obituary: Islam Karimov: (1938 - 2016)

Israel is now one of the largest arms suppliers to countries in the Southeast Asian region, raising a variety of interrelated concerns, writes Ferooze Ali in Kuala Lumpur

There was much controversy in France this summer over bans on the wearing of the burkini, a form of full-body swimwear aimed at Muslim women, writes David Tresilian in Paris

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