Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1323, (8 - 14 December 2016)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1323, (8 - 14 December 2016)

Ahram Weekly


Nermeen Al-Mufti reports from the Khazir Internally Displaced Persons Camp, east of Mosul in northern Iraq

Even with millions more petrodollars, Iraq’s budget will continue to labour under huge deficits and ethno-sectarian divisions, writes Salah Nasrawi

The end of November saw a massive wave of de facto strikes in Sudan. While the situation didn’t escalate to revolution, the possibility cannot be ruled out, writes Haitham Nouri

In Africa, culture wars rage on the length of hemlines. But behind the scenes, conservatism has often been used to divert attention from government failure

Gambians have toppled president Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jammeh in a democratically sanctioned presidential poll, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Iran and Saudi Arabia have reached a historic agreement to stabilise the international oil market, writes Camelia Entekhabifard

Experts meeting at the Amwaj Forum in Jordan this week focused on the need for new water and energy policies in the region, writes Mahmoud Bakr in Amman

The Syrian regime aided by Russia and Iran is attempting systematic demographic change in opposition areas of the country, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

While Libyan government forces have seized control of the coastal city of Sirte, they seem unable to control the rival militias bringing chaos to the capital Tripoli, writes Kamel Abdallah

Europe and the euro were not uppermost in the Italian electorate’s mind when it voted against reforms proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a referendum this week, writes Gamal Nkrumah

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