Saturday,23 March, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)
Saturday,23 March, 2019
Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)

Ahram Weekly


Economic weakness can often lead to political bondage. Greece relative to Israel is a good example, writes Ramzy Baroud

Turkey has been doing battle in the northern Syrian town of Afrin against separatist Kurdish militias for the past three weeks, so far without any great success, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

Tensions have flared in Lebanon between the Shia Amal Movement and the Christian Free Patriotic Movement, prompting uncomfortable memories of the country’s Civil War, writes Hassan

US President Donald Trump has taken the credit for taking down the Islamic State group in key Iraqi cities, but the US strategy in the beleaguered country is still unclear, writes Salah Nasrawi

After eight months in prison, Amnesty’s chair in Turkey was set for release but then rearrested. Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian reports on Ankara’s continued crackdowns on media

As the Libyan army prepares to retake Derna from militant Islamists, fears are that renewed conflict could spill over more widely among sharply polarised national political currents,

Will the recent US ban on weaponry and military services to South Sudan pave the way to end the civil war, asks Haitham Nouri

While efforts are underway to push towards a national solution to the Yemen crisis, tensions and competing interests on the ground continue to present obstacles, writes Ahmed Eleiba

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