Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1407, (30 August - 5 September 2018)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1407, (30 August - 5 September 2018)

Ahram Weekly


Pressure is growing on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani from hardline elements within the regime and popular dissatisfaction with his government, writes Camelia Entekhabifard

Economic conditions are worsening in the Yemeni capital Sanaa against a background of rising tensions between the Yemeni government and the Lebanese group Hizbullah, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Washington is using financial blackmail against the Palestinians by cutting off aid in its efforts to support the Israeli agenda in Palestine, writes Haitham Ahmed

Russia and the Syrian regime have been encouraging the return of the Syrian refugees to their country, though the latter can have little confidence in either, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

Obituary:Kofi Annan (1938-2018)

While the debate on impeaching US President Donald Trump has been heating up in Washington, the death of US senator John McCain has further deepened the divide over his future, writes

The successor states of the former Czechoslovakia are marking 50 years since the crushing of the Prague Spring by Warsaw Pact forces, writes David Tresilian in Prague

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