Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1423, (20 December 2018 - 2 January 2019)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1423, (20 December 2018 - 2 January 2019)

Ahram Weekly


One hundred years after the end of the former Ottoman Empire, there is not much to celebrate in the building of modern Iraq, writes Salah Nasrawi

Will negotiations in Stockholm produce for Yemen a resolution previous rounds failed to provide? Hopes are not high, but urgency is, writes Haitham Nouri

In just over 100 years, the Arab Gulf transitioned from a handful of sheikhdoms to established states. Can the pace be kept towards diversified, democratic nations, asks Haitham Nouri

While Israel continues to build settlements in Palestinian land under the protective wing of the White House, especially that of Trump, Palestinian and Arab resistance continue, writes

Events this year have underlined the Syrian regime’s decision to turn a peaceful people’s uprising into a full-scale civil war and involve a host of foreign countries in

The numerous domestic challenges likely to face Trump in 2019 might leave him with an appetite for foreign military adventures, writes Khaled Dawoud

This year saw more pressure fall on the European project, particularly from Washington. So far, however, the old continent is holding up, writes Manal Lotfy

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