Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1152, 13 - 19 June 2013
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1152, 13 - 19 June 2013

Ahram Weekly


The imbalance in strategic arms between Israel and Egypt is well known, but should be redressed, experts tell Ahmed Eleiba

The builders of Gaza’s Ark hope to bring Gazan goods to the world, writes Eric Walberg

While trumpeting freedoms, Washington has been officially spying on the world through the Internet. It’s a reminder of its hypocrisy, but also exposes ours, writes Amira Howeidy

With a lot of help from its friends in Hizbullah, the Syrian regime has recaptured the town of Al-Qusair, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

Syria is disintegrating, the Sykes-Picot arrangements are ending, and Lebanon is going through its most critical moment since the end of the civil war. Director of the Carnegie Middle

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thus far refused to yield in the face of mounting protests against his policies, writes Sayed Abdel-Maguid

While Iraqi Sunnis’ revolt may be waning, resentment of their community’s perceived marginalisation remains strong, writes Salah Nasrawi

Apathetic appears the general popular attitude ahead of next week’s presidential elections in Iran, with no clear frontrunner emerging, writes Camelia Entekhabifard

Growing evidence suggests that not only is Libya becoming a staging point for cross-border jihadist attacks, but that jihadists are gaining official positions in the post-Gaddafi

Oil and water politics, cross border incursions and intrigue threaten to poison relations between Juba and Khartoum, writes Gamal Nkrumah

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