Waging total war on terrorism

Egypt has been too diplomatic and politically correct in its responses to purposive antagonising by foreign powers. This weak approach must end, writes Hany Ghoraba

Aleppo and the new world order

The Syrian conflict marks the decline of the United States as the world’s only superpower, writes Shahir Shahidsaless

Brothers in faith

Not only tolerance but pluralism is at the heart of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohamed, though many appear to have forgotten this fact,
writes Aijaz Zaka Syed

The Judeo-Christian view of Islam

In the third in a series of articles, Wagih Makky examines historical representations of Islam in the West

The Arab UNESCO candidate

In Lebanon’s Ghassan Salama, the Arabs have a solid candidate to head UNESCO, if only they would pool their influence and avoid repeating past mistakes, writes Hassan Nafaa

France and the Muslim Brotherhood

This year may see France and other Western governments lose what remains of their sympathies for political Islamist groups, writes Mohamed Salmawy

Embracing the Kerry initiative

While it appears traditional for outgoing US officials to tell the real truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arabs should not ignore the latest example, but rather act on it, writes Abdel-Moneim Said

Abul-Gheit and the state of the world

Change and adaptation are, according to the Arab League’s secretary-general, key characteristics and imperatives of the current world order, writes
Al-Sayed Amin Shalaby

The decent American

John Kerry’s farewell speech as US secretary of state, on Middle East peace, sent shockwaves around the world. But most interesting was Cairo’s muted response, writes Hussein Haridy