Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)

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Sep 19 2018 9:30AM

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will address the UN General Assembly meetings in New York next week, paying special attention to the pro-Israeli bias of the US administration, writes Mohamed Al-Sharkawy


Apr 4 2018 12:36AM

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas could face high levels of Arab pressure to bow to US peace plans at the next Arab Summit, writes Dina Ezzat


Jan 17 2018 1:00AM

After robust decisions were taken by the Palestinian Central Council, the ball is in Mahmoud Abbas’ court as to whether he will implement them, reports Haitham Ahmed from Ramallah

Aug 15 2017 11:29PM

Fatah and Hamas appear inexorably at loggerheads as Mahmoud Abbas continues to deploy measures to put pressure on authorities in Gaza, writes Haitham Ahmed


May 9 2017 9:06PM

Seen by some as saving his political position, the visit of Mahmoud Abbas to the White House nonetheless may lay the ground for Trump to propose a deal the Palestinians could never accept

Oct 12 2016 2:15AM

Speculation over who succeeds PA President Mahmoud Abbas has reached fever pitch. Ahmed Eleiba examines the possibilities  

Feb 2 2016 10:23PM

Disarray characterises Palestinian life, from the administration of President Mahmoud Abbas to the young people on the streets facing Israeli occupation, writes Sam Bahour

Jan 19 2016 11:06PM

A recent speech by Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem has raised again the fate of the Palestinian Authority, reports Ahmed Al-Sayed in Gaza

Aug 25 2015 11:20PM

Following the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas as PLO chairman, the Palestinian arena is awash with speculation on the move, and what will come next, writes Ahmed Al-Sayed in Gaza

Jun 3 2015 3:24AM

The strategy of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to seek international recognition of a Palestinian state is fraught with ambiguity, writes Ramzy Baroud

Jan 7 2015 12:55PM

Time and again Israel has proven, in word and deed, that it has no interest in peace with the Palestinians, writes Fadi Elhusseini

Oct 1 2014 11:57AM

Washington’s reaction to Mahmoud Abbas’s plan to take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the UN Security Council draws a line, once and for all, under US claims to be an honest broker, writes Nicola Nasser

Sep 10 2014 12:40PM

The campaign launched by Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah movement against Hamas amounts to a betrayal not only of Palestinian public opinion, but Palestinian national interests, writes Nicola Nasser

Sep 3 2014 11:36PM

Prosecuting Israel for war crimes in Gaza awaits one further step by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Amira Howeidy reports

Apr 10 2014 5:46PM

Frustrated by the lack of progress in peace talks with the Israelis, Mahmoud Abbas got the ball rolling to joining key UN bodies, to the chagrin of Tel Aviv, writes Ahmed Al-Sayed from Gaza

Mar 26 2014 9:52PM

The unsavoury spat between Mahmoud Abbas and Mohamed Dahlan, once again building up, only goes to show how far the Fatah movement has veered from its original goals, writes Ramzy Baroud

Nov 13 2013 12:48PM

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants Egypt back at the negotiating table, but the country may have more pressing priorities, reports Doaa El-Bey

Jun 26 2013 1:51PM

The collapse of the Hamdallah cabinet after 18 days appears to have been spurred by the refusal of Mahmoud Abbas to share or accept limits to his power, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Jan 2 2013 4:26PM

Mahmoud Abbas is again threatening to collapse the Palestinian Authority if Israeli attitudes don’t change. Many believe he is serious this time, writes Khaled Amayreh

Nov 28 2012 3:23PM

With the US threatening to block by any means Palestinian attempts to gain non-member UN status, Mahmoud Abbas looks set to seek it anyway, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah

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