Thursday,26 April, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1391, (26 April - 2 May 2018)
Thursday,26 April, 2018
Issue 1391, (26 April - 2 May 2018)

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Apr 24 2018 11:34PM

In attacking the Yarmuk Palestinian Refugee Camp on the pretext of fighting the Islamic State terrorist group the Damascus regime is targeting a symbol of the Palestinian presence in Syria, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus


Apr 24 2018 11:33PM

The international community has largely failed Syrian refugees — a conclusion made clear in the case of Lebanon, writes Ola Boutros


Apr 18 2018 12:12AM

Last week’s Western attacks on Syria were meant as a warning that the West is still capable of weighing in on the future of Syria and the Middle East region, writes Hussein Haridy


Apr 17 2018 11:59PM

Dina Ezzat asks whether the tragedy unfolding in Syria is any closer to an end after this week’s missile strikes


Apr 17 2018 11:42PM

Last week’s Western air strikes on Syria only benefited the regime and its allies, being all the more ineffective because they were not part of a comprehensive strategy, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus


Apr 17 2018 11:42PM

Syria has become a free-for-all for foreign powers

Apr 17 2018 11:40PM

Social media responses to this week’s US, British and French air strikes on Syria reveal confusion reigns when it comes to attitudes towards the Syrian war


Apr 17 2018 11:40PM

What were the real reasons behind the recent Western attacks on Syria, asks Mohamed El-Said Idris


Apr 17 2018 11:38PM

The timing of the US-led air strikes on Syria could not have been worse for Iraq, presenting it with the dilemma of whether the conflict could slide beyond the point of no return, writes Salah Nasrawi


Apr 17 2018 11:38PM

The air strikes ordered by US President Donald Trump on Syria last week have failed to distract Americans from his many pending scandals, writes Khaled Dawoud


Apr 17 2018 11:37PM

There were clashes in the UK parliament this week over British involvement in the air strikes on Syria, reports Manal Lotfy from London


Apr 18 2018 12:15AM

What best explains US President Donald Trump’s contradictory messages on the Syrian crisis, culminating in his decision to bomb Syrian targets this week, asks Tewfick Aclimandos


Apr 10 2018 10:19PM

Apr 14 2018 10:44AM

US President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is withdrawing its troops from Syria calls into question the consistency and coherence of US strategy in the region, writes Hussein Haridy


Apr 11 2018 2:52PM

After this week’s chemical weapons attacks on Douma in Eastern Ghouta, there are fears the struggle will now spread to the strategic area of southern Syria, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus


Apr 11 2018 2:51PM

London could lose ground if posturing overcomes substance in its stances towards Russia and the stand-off in Syria, reports Manal Lotfy in London

Apr 4 2018 12:34AM

US President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is withdrawing its forces from Syria has spread consternation in Syria and the wider region, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus


Apr 4 2018 12:34AM

The Turkish authorities have been trying to silence French criticisms of Ankara’s military operations in the northern Syrian region of Afrin, writes Sayed Abdel-Meguid


Mar 21 2018 1:24AM

Russia now controls the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, and Turkey controls Afrin in the north of the country, amounting to a carve-up of Syria between two foreign powers, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus


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