Thursday,22 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1381, (15 - 21 February 2018)
Thursday,22 February, 2018
Issue 1381, (15 - 21 February 2018)

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Feb 20 2018 8:33PM

A touring exhibition of treasures from the tomb of the ancient Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun is sparking debate among archaeologists, Nevine El-Aref reports

Feb 6 2018 10:37PM

At a new ceramics exhibition, Rania Khallaf explores the rarest form of love-making

Jan 31 2018 2:42PM

The first of the 1,500 artefacts planned for exhibition at the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking the Giza Plateau has arrived safe and sound, writes Nevine El-Aref

Jan 23 2018 11:23PM

Rania Khallaf is fascinated by Souad Mardem Bey’s latest exhibition

Jan 17 2018 1:01AM

Mai Samih reads the history of modern Egypt through Al-Ahram headlines at a recent exhibition in Cairo


Jan 17 2018 12:42AM

An ambitious Berlin exhibition is exploring the Cold War links between politics and the arts, with intriguing reference to the Arab world, writes David Tresilian

Jan 2 2018 11:52PM

A new exhibition in northern France has intriguing things to say about the history of Algerian education, writes David Tresilian

Jan 2 2018 11:19PM

The work of artisans from the ancient site of Deir Al-Medina is on display in a special exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square 

Dec 12 2017 11:10PM

Egypt will host its first defence industries expo next year, writes Ahmed Eleiba 

Dec 12 2017 11:06PM

Reham El-Adawi reports on the Japanese handicrafts exhibition that has been touring Egypt

Dec 12 2017 11:05PM

Aisha Abdel-Ghaffar enjoyed the latest exhibition by Ayman Taher 

Dec 12 2017 11:04PM

A current exhibition in northern France is examining the music of ancient Egypt and the wider ancient world, writes David Tresilian

Dec 5 2017 8:40PM

Rania Khallaf is fascinated by the magician’s drama in Omar Al-Fayoumi’s latest exhibition

Nov 21 2017 11:42PM

Rania Khallaf reviews British artist Hannah Stevenson’s new exhibition 

Nov 14 2017 9:10PM

           A new Paris exhibition recounts the history and present circumstances of the Christian communities of the Arab world, writes David Tresilian

Nov 1 2017 1:32AM

Rania Khallaf reviews Sahar Al-Amir’s new exhibition

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